August 27, 2011
By Anonymous

“Boom” this is one of the most frequent sounds that we as soldiers of the front line hear. We hear this sound more times in one minute then most people ever hear in their entire life. This sound always brings the feeling that another one of your friends was just killed by one of the savage Germans on the other side of the trench, or the other side of the village, or even the other side of the house.
“boom” this sound not only brings the feeling of regret and remorse for another one of your fallen comrades but the feeling of loneliness, this might seem absurd to some of the readers of this entry but let me finish before you start to judge. The sound of another bomb going off opens the door for this emotion because of the way that we have to deal with it. Loneliness hits every single one of us because of the fact that every time we see another one of our comrades’ fall or hear the sound of their screams or see the aftermath of their downfall it makes us wonder when it will be me next.

“Boom” another day has gone by and the lonesome feeling is slowly creeping up on me as we speak. Every day that goes by I wonder when it’s going to be me that gets killed or when it’s going to be me that gets put into one of those punishment camps that we can only speculate on to how horrid and inhuman they actually are.

“Boom” the sounds are no longer distant, they are constantly creeping closer. I sometimes wonder if the day that I never hear that horrible sound is going to be the day that I die. The lonesome feeling is no longer something that I have to wonder about. It is something that I feel every waking moment of every day. This feeling will never leave me, I am convinced. But I have come to know this feeling and just accept it for what it is.
The soldier that wrote these journal entries will never have to worry about the sound of another bomb shell because the night after this entry was written the base that this soldier was posted at was bombed and there were no survivors. The meaning behind this story is to tell you that no matter how harsh your life is if you let the emotions take over your mind they will ultimately harm your soul.

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Harebelle GOLD said...
on Sep. 1 2011 at 9:37 am
Harebelle GOLD, Vancouver, Other
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Interesting...the way you described how much a sound can impact a person's life. Keep writing!

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