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August 7, 2011
By AlexiaRenee BRONZE, None Of Your Buisness, Nebraska
AlexiaRenee BRONZE, None Of Your Buisness, Nebraska
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"After every storm comes a rainbow."

Questions hung in my mind as I ducked down behind Pa.

"Eliza, come along now honey." Ma exclaimed pushing my mid back forward along the dark tunnel. The rough cement walls scraped along my bare arms cutting them but I barely noticed, even when blood came dripping I barely noticed. Bodies scattered along my feet, the smell of death was pressing around me. Ma's hand grabed mine and squeezed it tightly. We were growing closer to a light at the end.

Pa stepped in front of my brother and pushed forward, taking stand as head of the house. My brother grabbed my arm, he seemed afraid. Although he was four years older then me, ten times stronger then me, and definitely smarted then, he still wanted my arm.

We trudged up to the light and pulled open the small opening I went first, as the smallest and lightest, then my mother, my brother and finally my father came through the tight hole.

Around me was a small room, air tight. In what seemed to be the basement of a house. I saw ten cozy bed lined against the walls, on top of eight beds laid men women and children alike.

Ma looked around the room. "Jeremy, Eliza, sleep near the children. Your father and I will be across the room."

I glared at my mother, "But Ma! I am nearly thirteen! And Jeremy just became the age of 17! We are not to be sent with the children!" I exclaimed stating my case. Jeremy smiled at me as he was thinking the same thing.

"Do not argue with me Eliza! Go to your bed!" she yelled back me and I angrily trudged over to the warm cozy bed. Jeremy took the spot against the wall and I had the end.

My rich brown hair had been cut short only months before the war began, and now it reached nearly my chest. Jeremy's shaggy brown hair was reaching near his neck. And it tickled me as he shifted around trying to sleep.

With his hair tickling the sides of my neck I got up, and tiptoed across the room reaching our satchel at the foot of my parents bed.

I quietly opened the small satchel and pulled out a mirror, that my mother cherished very much so. I held it up in front of me, the candle light reflect a face I did not recognize back at me.

The face was ugly, it was dirty, my once porcelain skin was now covered in dirt and grime, my chocolate hair greasy and tangles strewn about the mess of hair. My cheeks now hollowed from lack of food. Even my most beauteous feature was ruined. My eyes. They still remained the same color as before, a deep brown, but they were blood shot, and shooting out of there socket. Around them were dark circles marking every tear I shed, every minute of sleep i have lost every piece of food that I have not eaten since the Nazi's had taken over Germany. My stomach was Hallow, and growling so I did what I had to do, I stole some food. I snuck it actually, from a random satchel strewn across the floor.

I snuck slowly, making sure not to crawl onto a single loose floor board. I did not dare breathe, I couldn't, as that would wake the strangers I did not know in this small room. I opened the bag, a tear falling from my eye, from the guilt over taking me. But, yet, I still reached in to the bag and pulled out a single small orange. It looked fresh as if being saved for a special occasion, I pulled it apart eating it all, including the hide.

The juices drenched my dry, dehydrated mouth. It was blissful. I crawled into bed not leaving a single trace of myself, or anyone for that matter, ever being there. And I peacefully began to fall into a deep rest full sleep.

Only moments later I was awoken by a loud shot. The Nazi's were here. I curled closer toward Jeremy hiding behind his arm. Through Jeremy's arm I watched Pa stand, as if ready to defend us all. The Nazi soldiers rushed in surrounding us. Pa, being in front was the first shot.

He fell to the ground blood rushing out of his chest where the shot had hit him. Ma collapsed next, she fell next to Pa, blood pooled around their now lifeless bodies. Through the death filled air. Screams surrounded us. The Nazi's harsh german commands rung in my ears.

A large Nazi, stepped over to Jeremy and I. He looked nervous at first but as he rose his gun, he got more determined. He was a perfect Nazi, blonde hair, blue eyes and young. He was quite large, but mostly with muscle.

His gun pushed against the temple of my head. "You no good Jew!" he cried, as his finger tightly around the trigger. I took a large gulp of air and closed my eyes, waiting for sweet blissful death to overtake me.

The author's comments:
I was in the 8th grade when i wrote this. This is in memory of all who died in WWII.

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