growing up with loneliness

August 7, 2011
By Javion192 BRONZE, Garner, North Carolina
Javion192 BRONZE, Garner, North Carolina
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Granddad?” asked the little boy. “Yes, what is it sonny?” The grandfather quickly replied. The grandson scarily said “Growing up back in your day have you ever felt lonely?” “What do you mean?” granddad answered with a puzzled face as he pulled off his hat pick his black mix with grey hair.”Growing up in the civil rights movement didn’t you feel lonely?” the grandson calmly replied “Well, of course everybody felt lonely a point in their life but mine was a little different.” Looking out the window he saw his reflection and smile, not because of his bronze skin color it was the fact he wasn’t by himself anymore. Seeing mix crowed of people; whites, blacks, and brown walking together with friendly faces. Just to show that people can still can feel lonely when they’re surrounded a group of people, back in my day…

Remembering back to granddad’s days where people of color was discriminated about their color. About the 1955’s granddad little knew that he was in very significant locations. Trying to stay out of harm’s way, going to school, work, or home people mistreated him because of his skin color. Later, People started to do acts of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience so colored people can have equal rights. Then quickly awoken and remembered he was talking to his grandson.
“Growing up for me was difficult being I was the only colored cat in the city it felt like. Always being pushed around it wasn’t until my teens this ditz lady was up front and was not moving for this white man, that’s when chaos broke lose but like my mama told me if its white, you run until the clouds turn gray themselves.” As Granddad was remembering back, “Granddad, what’s a ditz? The grandson asked confusedly. Quickly granddad looked at his grandson and said “ooh hush boy!” with a laughing jester. “Now Where, was I? Oh yes, after a year or two, my parents thought it would be better if we moved to little rock, Arkansas. Man those people their was tough like a football player wired during his game!” Laughing at his granddad, “when did you become country? Plus how does that relate to my question granddad?” With a deep breath the granddad blow and said “easily, we moved there and it was a few more colored people but the feeling was the same. Families wishing they had better jobs pushing their kids away. Fathers and mothers were being thrown in jail because they wanted they’re kids to have equal rights and a better lifestyle, but they failed to realize that they couldn’t raise their own kids the right way! Image how they felt during that time! So it wasn’t just me, it was the colored people of the United States!” With regretful face the grandson was speechless and lost in words.
“With technology these days’ people forgot about everything else that happened in the past but some scars don’t heal to fast. I’m just glad you got to grow up in an environment I didn’t. I do know your generations going to be so involed with techolongy people are going to forget how to talk to another human being. So be prepared for that loneliness of people not being able to talk to each other unless it’s through a computer.” Granddad quickly hopped on his feet and walked out the door to tell the local kids to get off his yard but with a quick breeze the grandson didn’t feel like getting yelled at and slipped through the door and walked home.

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