Torn, the story of the civil war through my eyes

July 13, 2011
By Islander BRONZE, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Islander BRONZE, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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The bustling crowd seemed endless. Miles and miles of accumulating people passing by with carts hauled by horses, carriages whizzing past transporting people to their selected destinations, younger children playing rambunctiously in the streets amongst each other. The streets were swarmed with people going about their daily activities.

Today, something was different though. The atmosphere was heavier and gloomier. We all have a burden to bear and it was smothering us all. A war was brewing. The heart of Atlanta Georgia was no longer a warm beautiful southern home it was h*ll and this h*ll was harboring the Confederate army.

This left me, Scarlet Dalia Burcks stranded left to rot in my moment of aberration, alone and haunted with a loitering sickening feeling. My brother, Jasper had this ridiculous idea of joining the military so he could fight in the civil war. Our nation was being torn apart. I didn't want my family being torn apart as well. This was outrageous!

"Awh, come on Scar. You're the only scar I'll have before and after this. The war means nothing to me, just a chance to release my anger out on those Yankees." He'd taunt. What lies? This war has some significance to some extent.

"Then why fight for slavery?” I'd question him but sadly I'd get no reply. He'd only mingle with my long golden locks and then tassel his own blonde hair awkwardly.

My pondering was abruptly interrupted by the hollers of my brother. "Scarlet! Grandfather wishes to speak to you."

Quickly I walked towards the General store porch where my brother sat with sunlight beaming against his blonde hair, enhancing its natural color. He flashed a devilish grin at me as his icy blue eyes locked with my oddly colored amber eyes.
"How bad?" I probe dreading what lies ahead of me.
"Meh, could be worse." He made a hand gesture for me to go in. My brother could be such a menace sometimes.

I swallowed and put one foot in front of the other until I was facing my Grandfather, who was behind the counter. His glasses stooped down to the brim of his stub nose, his light chocolate hair lined with emerging silver while his cheeks flushed with red.

"Ah, Scarlet. Good to see you've finally come around." He said in a raspy voice.

I nodded in reply before I shifted my weight nervously. "Now, don't get your stockings in a wade over this but I have a very intriguing proposal." I sighed.
This is going to be interesting. My Grandfather adjusted his glasses.
"I've ponder on this for a while now and I think it's to your benefit that we see this fit." I pursed my lips.
"My benefit?" I tilted my head, ready to lunge on the attack if this proposal was something I didn't take to well.

Oh I was ready to fight him or anyone for that matter. I was boiling with anger and frustration from both the mere sight of my Grandfather or Jasper being taken away from me.

Here's the problem with my Grandfather and I. He had a desire for me to follow in a basic tradition that every girl followed when she hit a certain age. Court a fine lad, then eventually marry him, raise a family and then die as withered old women. That was obviously not happening for me but my Grandfather was going to pursue his vision until he turned in his grave.

I have so much fire in me but my flame was always extinguished when they grew. Society wasn't ready to accept me and I certainly wasn't going to accept it but my Grandfather still persisted.

"Now I've found ace-high lass for you just a tad bit old-"
"No!" I growled at him.
"I beg your pardon? You dare raise a voice at the man who cares?" My Grandfather said rather sternly.
"This isn't just." I replied sharply.
"Oh Scar, please just listen...please, your Father would've wanted this for you."
I snapped. A flame was ignited and I was ready to explode.

Jasper ran in, his icy eyes fixed on my Grandfather before traveling to me.
"Scar...don't do it." He took a step forward, vigilant.
"My father would've wanted me to be free from this unruly world!" I yanked the ponytail out of my hair. My golden luscious locks cascaded down my back as removed my shoes and stockings. My amber eyes met with my Grandfather's once more as they burned with rage.
"You want tradition? Here's your tradition!" I bolted out of the General store and ran into the cluttered street.

I whistled towards a group of routy men loitering towards the middle of the burg.

"Hey boys! How about we show my Grandfather here a good old southern tradition, hm?" I lifted my skirt, revealing one of my long tan legs in a very flirtatious manner.

The men gasped and ran over forming a circle around me. Women covered their children’s eyes as they shrieked in disgust.
"Aint she a riot?" One of the burly men said.

"Promiscuous southern bell!" A very luminous man exclaimed. They continued to chatter to each other while yelling compliments to me with their southern accents.

What on earth was I doing? I haven't got the slightest clue but does it matter?
"Scarlet!" Jasper bolted towards me grabbing me in the process. "What do you think you're doing?"
"Protesting." I chuckled. His strong arms heaved me up.
"I swear Scar, I don't know what I'm going to do with you." Jasper dragged me into the General store where my Grandfather shook his head. "
Jasper, might we have a word?"

You see, Jasper's 18 and I'm only 15. When our Father and Mother tragically passed away in a house fire about three years ago, Jasper stepped up to the plate to play the roles of our parents. I was responsible just angry. I had no intentions of thrusting this burden upon him but it happened by mistake. I regret it every day. I still wonder to this day, what could have I done differently. I was this sickening feeling that my parent’s death was the cause of me. I can't just sit back and watch the days fly away as my youth slowly seeps out of my body.

A terrified look slid up onto Jasper's face.
"Jasper...don't go in, I'm sorry. Let me handle this." I reached for his arm but he only shunned me away. I tensed.
"Scarlet. Go home. You've done enough for one day." Jasper snarled at me. He gritted his teeth before turning around to face Grandfather. My stomach plummeted. I sulked my head in shame. What had I done? I've completely soiled myself and my family name.

What if my brother actually wanted to court a girl and her family refused? Jasper would absolutely be devastated. To make matters worse it'd all be because of me, his sister. The one he cared for and loved dearly had betrayed him and denied him of love. Oh the terror of even thinking this!

I must act swiftly and stealthily to make up for what I’ve done. I ran home while devising a plan to make things right once again.

The author's comments:
I started this short story/going to be novel with a friend of mine...but I'd thought I'd share it. It was written awhile ago though so I've made improvements upon my work.

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