Anne Frank Returns

June 30, 2011
By haleyMwilliam BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
haleyMwilliam BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
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It’s late, about 12:00 midnight. Neither a star nor cloud shone in the sky. I walk through down the street towards my house, it’s May, and so it is still cold at night. I walk home from a friend’s house after a long night of studying for our history test on Anne Frank. The whole subject of Anne Frank’s story makes my skin crawl. To think about what they did to all those innocent Jewish people, it’s sick. Especially Anne, that girl had everything going for her, she was a sweet out spoken girl who deserved to live a full life. As I turn the corner to my street I hear the soft screams of a little girl. I jump and turn suddenly to look behind me, there is nothing but air. I continue to walk like nothing happen. Then, I hear the scream again, it sounds as if someone is being carried away. Then I stop dead in my tracks and think back to today’s lesson on Anne Frank.

“When Anne Frank and everyone else in the Annex where found by the Nazi Anne was terrified was this the end? Who knew, all Anne knew they would not let them take her she kicked and screamed but it was no use no one would come to a little Jew girl’s rescue. She screamed and cried. ‘You can’t take me! Please!’ but it was no use Anne Frank was thrown in to the back of the truck and taken to Auschwitz never to return...alive.”
That one line kept playing over and over again in my mind, “Who knew, all Anne knew they would not let them take her she kicked and screamed but it was no use no one would come to a little Jew girl’s rescue.” Could it really be her? No, it can’t, it’s not. I kept walking picking up my speed. Then, I hear the scream again and thins time it was muffled but still very clear. I refuse to turn around I keep walking but then there she was in clear view, her brown curly hair hugged her face. She held her diary close to her chest, never letting go, the ghost of Anne Frank. I was frozen I didn’t think it was possible, but it is! She stood there also, looking at me with sunken in eyes. She looked hungry and very unhealthy. She was hungry and unhealthy after being tortured to death in the death camp. She opened her mouth then closed it again as if she wanted to say something. Instead, I said something. “Anne, why are you here?” she just continued to look at me. “Peter, where are u?” I knew right away who she was talking about. Peter Van Pels the boy she fell in love with while in hiding. “Peters’ gone Anne, he died years ago the same you did in the concentration camp.” She remained quite. “Why are you here?” I asked again. She held out the diary waiting for me to take it. I took it slowly. “Keep it.” She said so low it was almost a whisper. I look at her shocked. Before I can say anything more she disappears leaving an eerie mist behind I look down; in my hand I hold the diary of Anne Frank. I open it to a random page and read it: “I'm finally getting optimistic. Now, at last, things are going well! They really are! Great News! An assassination attempt has been made on Hitler's life, and for once not by Jewish Communists or British capitalists, but by a German general who's not only a count, but young as well. The Fuhrer owes his life to 'Divine Providence': he
escaped, unfortunately, with only a few minor burns and scratches. A number of officers and Generals who were nearby were killed or wounded. The head of the conspiracy has been shot.
This is the best proof we've had so far that many officers and generals are fed up with the war and would like to see Hitler sink into a bottomless pit, so they can establish a military dictatorship, make peace with the Allies, rearm themselves and, after a few decades, start a new war. Perhaps Providence is deliberately biding its time getting rid of Hitler, since it's much easier, and cheaper, for the Allies to let the impeccable Germans kill each other off. It's less work for the Russians and British, and it allows them to start rebuilding their own cities that much sooner. But we haven't reached that point yet, and I'd hate to anticipate the glorious event”
I walk home heartbroken she was o sad and helpless she was so young. This is one experience that changed my life.

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