Wisdom Beyond His Years

June 19, 2011
By landscapephotos BRONZE, Oak Hill, Virginia
landscapephotos BRONZE, Oak Hill, Virginia
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The tall, young boy sat in class while his teacher taught. He stared out the window watching the snowflakes descend from the sky. Thomas Edison imagined each snowflake as a math equation. He squirmed in his seat because of his itchy navy blue pants and white polo he had to wear for school. Thomas’s nose was so voluminous, that it blocked half of his vision. He always had a difficult time hearing things, which wasn’t disastrous. Most of the things people said to him were criticizing comments about his obsession with inventions and gadgets anyway. The faces of nine year old children around him were also tired and bored for school had only started an hour ago.

Thomas’s teacher yelled at him and the class to pay attention to her science lesson. The teacher explained the things scientists were trying to invent and the tools and equations they were using. Thomas spoke out and explained that one of the scientists should be using a different tool for his invention. His teacher got so mad that he interrupted and questioned her teachings that she yelled at him and told him to go to the principal’s office. When he reached the office, the principal asked him what he had done wrong, but Thomas had no answer. He explained that he was just asking a question and wasn’t trying to get anybody angry. The principal wasn’t shocked that he had not known what he had done. This was Thomas’s third time in his office in a week so he decided to call his mother into the office.

Mrs. Edison was always very understanding and encouraged Thomas to question and have curiosity. When she got the call, she was very shocked that he had gotten sent to the office and figured it was for something worse, like a fight. She arrived at the office on time and sat her tiny body into the large gray chair in the lobby. The short and hefty secretary asked her to step into the office as she pushed up her blue polka-dotted glasses. Mrs. Edison stepped into the brown and gray office and saw Thomas and the principal staring each other down on either sides of the desk. The principal greeted her and asked her to take a seat as she gave Thomas a disappointed look. The principal told her what he had done and she could not believe it. Mrs. Edison felt bad for Thomas because he was getting in trouble for something she had raised him to do. She explained that she thought he did nothing wrong and that they should encourage children to have inquiring minds. She was astounded that the school made such a big deal of it. The principal supposed that they had exaggerated the situation so they let Thomas go and didn’t punish him.

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