Bank Robbery

May 31, 2011
By Stephen Rivera BRONZE, San Diego, California
Stephen Rivera BRONZE, San Diego, California
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“Guys I don’t know if this is such a good idea anymore” said Tony as the van slowly pulled into the parking lot and he took a long glance at their target.
From the outside the bank was not intimidating at all. There were plants around the tall brown walls, the lawn was very well maintained, the two doors at the front were made of a tinted glass and there were several people casually walking in and out as they took care of their financial needs.
“Tony it’s too late now, so shut up! We’re doing this!”
“But Frank we’ve never done a job this big, and we’re only 3 men, 4 if you count Greg driving”
“So? What’s the problem? We’ve robbed places before and never have we even been labeled suspects in any of those cases.
“Yeah but that’s different those were all gas stations, or convenience stores. Places like those we could just pull out our guns, yell at the cashier to give us all their money, and rush out. A bank is different. They have guards, they have vaults, and their employees are trained to handle situations like these. Not to mention they have dozens of cameras watching from every angle. How’re we supposed to get past all those obstacles?”
“Tony we’re going to be fine. We have the blueprints of the bank remember? We’re going to know exactly where the vaults are, so we’ll be in and out in about ten minutes.”
“Yeah listen to Mike, Tony. Stop getting cold feet and just get the job done. I’ll be parked in front of the entrance with the back doors open. So when you guys are done just throw the bags in the back and hop in.”
Frank cocked his gun before responding, “Alright… Are you guys ready? Let’s go.” Quickly Frank threw open the right back door of the van and jumped out.
“WAIT! WAIT! Frank come back!” screamed Tony just as Mike was about to jump out also to join Frank. Who at this point was looking back at the van in disbelief. “Frank come back in here! Come back in!
Frank had to dive back into the van before anyone noticed the tall man wielding a machine gun.
“Damn it Tony! What the hell was that?!!” screamed Frank as he thrusted his right fist into Tony’s chest. “You left me out there by myself about to run into the bank. What if someone saw me?! What the hell is the matter with you!”
“I’m sorry Frank but I just can’t do this, I have a really bad feeling about this one and I don’t want to go in there.”
This time Mike came with both his hands and nearly threw Tony to the other side of the van. “Are you kidding me?! You just jeopardized this entire operation because you don’t have the balls to go in there! What if someone heard you yelling and saw Frank with his gun and called the police!
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But guys I’m just not going in there.”
“Goddam it Tony” yelled Greg. “We’ve been planning this for months. Just execute the plan and nothing will go wrong!”
“You don’t know that, but if you’re so sure why don’t you take my spot and I’ll drive.”
“Fine! Here get out of the way” growled Greg as he got out of the drivers seat.
He made his way to the back of the van where the other three men were and bumped Tony out of his way as they switched positions.
“Alright well now that we finally have everything settled lets hurry up and get this done. I don’t want there to be any cops stopping us while we’re coming out because of what just happened” said Mike as he threw Tony a dirty look.
“Yeah let’s go.” Just as Frank put his hand on the door handle for the second time he hears…
“Hold on, hold on.”
“Holy crap, what! What is it now!” yelled Frank as he gave murderously looked at Tony.
“Greg and I should switch guns, because I’m going to be sitting here waiting for you guys with a machine gun while he goes in with just a pistol.”
“It’s not going to matter because we shouldn’t have to use them anyway if everything goes according to plan” said Mike.
“Alright well just in case, I’m just trying to be smart guys.”
“Well you’re not being smart Tony; all you’re being is a pest. You don’t have the guts to execute things like this.” hissed Frank as you could see his hatred toward Tony growing. “But if that’s what its going to take to finally shut you up so we can do this, then fine. Frank switch guns with him.”
Frank handed Tony his pistol and in return received the same machine gun that the other two men were already carrying.
“Are we ready?” asked Mike.
“Yeah, I think we finally are” responded Frank. “ Keep the engine running and wait in this exact spot, we should be back in no more then fifteen minutes” instructed Frank as his hand once again reached for the door handle. He turned the silver piece and as he was about to push the door open he looked back and uttered what would be his last words he’d speak to Tony, “If anything goes wrong, I’m going to put a bullet in your head”. He lifted his gun as an extra source of intimidation to assure that Tony wouldn’t abandon the plan. He pushed the door open and jumped out, “Let’s go boys”.
Mike and Greg quickly followed and made their descent out of the van. As the three men swiftly began their way to the entrance Tony’s face hardened. He turned around in the drivers seat so that he was facing forward. His right hand slowly rose from his side and made its way toward the steering wheel. However instead of stopping at the wheel he continued upward to the visor, pulled it down and opened the mirror.
Staring directly at himself he uttered, “Everything’s fine, it’s all going according to plan.” He couldn’t help but let out a smile as he knew what was about to be accomplished in just a matter of minutes. Soon there would be bags filled with money in the back of the van and Tony knew he was going to have no problems getting away as long as everything was executed properly.
He reached down under the drivers seat and pulled out the silencer which he secretly hid before the group made their way to the bank, and attached it to the end of the pistol he had traded Frank for. To pass the time he would watch the cars that were driving by and would count all the green ones, as if he was completely unafraid of being caught now. After a few minutes of this he noticed his three partners making their way back to the van, running back carrying the bags filled with money in their hands. He put his foot on the brake and switched the transmition from park to drive as he prepared to make his leave. Frank grabbed the outside handle of the van and threw it open. Then he, Mike, and Greg all frantically jumped into the back of the van.
“Tony drive we got it!” said Mike in an out of breath voice.
Tony made no move as he knew the back doors were still open and that if the three men let go of their bags, the money would fall out of the back and into the parking lot.
“Tony goddam it DRIVE!” yelled Frank as he slammed the door shut.
BANG BANG BANG. Tony quickly dropped his gun on the passenger seat as the three men’s lifeless bodies fell to the floor of the van. He took his foot off the break and made his way out of the parking lot. As he merged onto the main street he once again took a look up to the mirror above him, smiled, and spoke “exactly as planned”.

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