Waiting for Freedom

May 30, 2011
The sun burns me down my back and all over my hands. I grip tightly to the rocks I am carrying up the side of the quarry. I try not to be seen or heard any different from the rest of them. We are all the same in the Nazis minds.
As I prepare to put my rocks down on the ground at the top of the quarry the Hauptarbeitsleiter- the head worker leader- pushes me back and I fall down the steep side of the quarry. When my head finally collides with the ground I black out.
There's a shadow- a wisp of hair- a turn of the head- "Sofie! Sofie, come back!" I scream. The shadow, the wisp of light blonde hair and the turn of the head always over the left shoulder- it is her. "Sofie, where are you?" I call out. I am running through the meadow that appears before me- it's the meadow I used to run in as a boy. I know it by heart. Sofie is standing at the end of it. Her petite body nearly hidden in the tall grass. Her green eyes are filled with a foreboding I don't care about. I want her. I am almost there- I can almost taste her strawberry lip balm and I can almost feel the curve of her body; the body that used to be in my arms and I used to want and still want. She turns away just as I reach for her wrist. "Warten Sie, ich komme! Warte auf mich! Bitte Sofie!" "Wait; I'm coming! Wait for me! Please Sofie!" She doesn't listen to me and suddenly I'm no longer the meadow with her- we are in Auschwitz-Birkenau and she is standing with her shaved head in line to the showers. "Sofie! Get away from there!" I exclaim. She doesn't seem to hear me. I try to take her out of the line but she doesn't budge. She walks into the building. I am left with two options- follow her in and die with her or have a chance to live. I back away from the building and yell to her. "Ich liebe dich, Sofie!" "I love you, Sofie!"
"Aufwachen!" a Jew with dark brown hair calls to me bringing me back to the quarry and away from the horror of Sofie's death.
I am alive.
She is dead.
How am I alive?
I am not.
Not truly.
We are dead together.
I am only stuffed into my living body.
She is stuffed into her corpse.
There is nothing I can do about it except pick up another rock and carry it up the side of the quarry and wait.
What for?
Sofie's gone.
Wait for my death?
I wait for freedom.

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Andromeda said...
Dec. 18, 2011 at 11:42 am
I really like this. It was sad, but stories of love during that time all were.
dolphinportkey7 replied...
Jan. 15, 2012 at 1:24 pm
I like this a lot, both because of A) The tragic, cruel realism involved in it, and B) the fact that he wants to be free, and alive, despite wanting to be with Sofie. A lot of what I've read about the Holocaust has mentioned that urge, that burning will people had to keep on living; I think it's great that you included that here. This is always a hard topic to write about, because you want to show reverence to the people hurt and the lives lost, but you do that here, and you make it into a ... (more »)
DinoGirl replied...
Jan. 15, 2012 at 1:26 pm
Thanks :D I tried to make it realistic.
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