My Trip to Crete

May 23, 2011
By kingtut SILVER, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
kingtut SILVER, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"You can beat or jail me or even kill me, but I am not going to be what you want me to be," ~Steve Biko from "Cry Freedom"

(In the classroom Mr. Mcfea standing in front of the class)
Mr. Mcfea: Alright class, let’s review for your test tomorrow. Who can tell me about the culture back in Ancient Greece?
(A couple of hands go up)
Mr. Mcfea: Alright then. Miss Evans, tell me what they wore back then in Ancient Greece.
(Silence fills the room)
Kathy: Mr. Mcfea, back then, in Ancient Greece times, they wore tunics.
(Kathy stops)
Mr. Mcfea: Now, did men and women wear the same thing?
Kathy: (Sarcastically) Yes, sire.
(Mr. Mcfea is angry now)
Mr. Mcfea: Well Kathy, you certainly are different from your brother. Your brother would have explained everything to me. He was my best student.
(Kathy rolling eyes)
Kathy: Ya ya ya I know. I’ve heard this last period.
Mr. Mcfea: One thing for sure Kathy, I thought you liked ancient history
Kathy: I do.
(Theodore and Victoria raise their hands)
Mr. Mcfea: Yes, the two of you?
Both: Well, shouldn’t we get back to the review?
Mr. Mcfea: Yes, we should. Theodore tell me about Theseus and the Minotaur.
Theodore: Ok. Well, King Minos was attacking the Athens so…
(Interrupted by Victoria)
Victoria: Tell us in the short way
Theodore: No!
(Back and forth with yeses and nos)
(A ding comes on the loud speaker)
Mr. G: Pardon for the interruption, teachers and students, but you know the drill to improve your reading skills, time to read.
(The class moans)
Mr. Mcfea: Alright, settle down kids I decided to read to you guys. The story is called “Theseus and the Minotaur.”
(Begins to read)
Once there was an island called Crete. There it was ruled by a king named King Minos.
(Kathy falls asleep)
(Scene shifts to Crete)
(Kathy wakes up and very shocked and angry)
Kathy: Wo! What the heck am I wearing! Wait this can’t be a tunic. Great! Now I’m serving the king.
(Kathy walks over to the fountain and puts her hand in it)
( Princess Ariadne comes in)
Ariadne: (Very nicely) Hello, young maiden
Kathy: (confused and shocked) Victoria?
Ariadne: Who is the young maiden you are talking about?
(Kathy realizes right away that it’s Princess Ariadne from the Greek myths)
Kathy: I am sorry Princess Ariadne. It was just a beautiful maiden that was in my dream.
Ariadne: Ah, dreams are beautiful and sometimes terrifying.
King Minos: (shouting and angry) Ariadne!
Ariadne: Coming father! (turns to Kathy) You better come with me.
(Kathy and Ariadne go to the throne room)
Ariadne: Yes, father.
King Minos: Come, we must meet King Aegean. He wants to make a deal about to end this war that has just begun. Also, bring along a servant to come.
Ariadne: I shall choose her to come with us.
King Minos: Ah, yes, this young maiden. Now fetch our horses.
Kathy: Mr.Mcfea?
King Minos: (angry) Who is the fool you are talking about?
Ariadne: She just had a dream and thought it was real.
Kathy: Yes, sire. Now, I will go and get your horses.
(Kathy leaves and gets the horses)
(Goes back to the throne room)
Kathy: Sire, your horses are out front.
King Minos: Thank you, servant.
(All three go out to the horses)
(Gets on the horses and ride of without a word until they reach King Aegean)
King Minos: King Aegean, I hear you want to make a deal.
King Aegean: Yes, King Minos, you are correct. I see you brought a servant and your daughter.
King Minos: Yes, never mind them. Now, what about this deal of yours?
Aegean: Every nine years, I shall send seven boys and seven girls to feed that hideous beast of yours. The reason is I must stop this war.
King Minos: I shall think on this deal that you want to make.
Aegean: Very well, King Minos, we shall meet back here on the summer solstice.
(King Minos and Aegean shake hands)
(King Minos walks away, while Kathy and Ariadne stay)
Ariadne: (Groveling, but kindly) King Aegean, please don’t put your people all this to stop a war.
Aegean: (Sighing) You have a kind heart, while I am just a coward.
Ariadne: If you were a coward, the people would not have let you stay long as a King.
Aegean: Thank you, Princess, but I shall do what I must do to prevent war.
Ariadne: Very well, I shall go. But remember King Aegean, my father doesn’t forget a deal.
(Kathy and Ariadne walk away.)
(Whispering to Ariadne)
Kathy: Ariadne, was that our gym teacher, Mr. Regen.
Ariadne: (Laughing) Young Maiden you have the strangest dreams.
Kathy: I’m sorry Princess Ariadne, I always get confused.
Ariadne: (Slowly stops laughing) Not always, young maiden. Anyway, soon I fear my father shall make the deal.
(At the palace near the Minotaur’s cage)
King Minos: My daughter, you are so kind to everyone including your enemies.
Ariadne: (Sighing) Father, those people are not food. There are people like us.
King Minos: So they are princes, princesses, kings, and queens.
Ariadne: (Calmly) No, father, they are people that are in the inside.
King Minos: There is no such thing as the inside of people that counts to be a peasant or royalty.
Ariadne: Father, they are not food. They are humans.
King Minos: I will do what I shall do to feed my Minotaur.
Ariadne: (Groveling) Father, please.
King Minos: (Angry) Ariadne! You are not the Queen of Crete! Or are you?
(No Answer)
King Minos: (Slowly calming down) Ariadne, you see this Minotaur means a lot to me. So, I shall do what I must to feed it.
Ariadne: Father, that is not right. You can’t just go around killing poor innocent people for bate.
King Minos: I’m king.
Kathy: (Furious) You can’t just do that sire. Just because your king does not mean that you can control everyone, or in fact, make unreasonable decisions.
King Minos: (fiercely) What! You dare say that to a king?
Ariadne: (Calmly) Father, let her be. She’s just mad that’s all. I shall decide her punishment.
King Minos: Very well, daughter. So be it.
(King Minos walks away)
Ariadne: There is no punishment at all for you, young maiden.
Kathy: What is bugging you, Ariadne?
Ariadne: Look through this hole.
(Kathy looks through the hole. She sees the Minotaur eating people)
Kathy: (mutters to herself) Oh my God, that’s Mr. G, the principal.
(Looks at Ariadne)
Kathy: (says calmly) Oh! I mean isn’t it the Minotaur.
Ariadne: Yes, you are right. My point is that these good people shall not deserve that fate.
(Ariadne realizes that Mr. G is a part of her dream)
Kathy: I agree.
Ariadne: I know you do.
(Summer solstice)
(King Minos, Ariadne, and Kathy arrive to meet King Aegean)
Aegeaen: (Sighing) So the verdict is?
King Minos: I have decided to take the deal.
(They shake hands)
(Kathy screams)
Kathy: Noooo!
(She is back in the classroom)
Mr. Mcfea: Miss Evans, what is your problem today?
Kathy: Nothing.
Mr. Mcfea: Then maybe you would like to discuss this over detention.
Kathy: No, I’m not going.
Mr. Mcfea: (Losing patience) Go to the office!
Kathy: (Smiling) Fine.
(Kathy realizes that it was all a dream)

The author's comments:
The reason I wrote this historical fictional play is because I love Greek mythology in fact all of Ancient History. But mainly Greek mythology. I hope you enjoyed the play.

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kingtut SILVER said...
on Jul. 21 2011 at 11:48 am
kingtut SILVER, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
9 articles 0 photos 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You can beat or jail me or even kill me, but I am not going to be what you want me to be," ~Steve Biko from "Cry Freedom"

thanks so much i have more comin

Mewiekat7 said...
on Jun. 2 2011 at 2:17 pm

Hi i read this and it was really good and i like your imagination!

PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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