The Battle of Abraham High-And So It Begins

May 14, 2011
By RhiRhi.A. BRONZE, Mississauga, Other
RhiRhi.A. BRONZE, Mississauga, Other
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~1992, St Lawrence Coast~

"Quickly, everyone retreat!" shouts Alistair Wolfe, as him and his men run from the deserted 'once-town-now-battlefield' area.

Just behind them, the army of Regis Montcalm is in tail, shooting randomly into the enemies' army. His army consists of family that has gathered to reign revenge over Wolfe’s empire of an army.
“I’m proud of you, son,” said Hunter Montcalm, Regis’ father, “You are not a traitor like Estelle,” he spat, “She is no longer my daughter, for she has kin with the enemy!”
“The fool!” Regis replied with anger.
He led the army on with a great battle cry. As they realize the retreat, they smile at each other, happy to have finally won, without spilling much blood. Suddenly, a loud rumbling noise made a vibrating purr in the dry ground. Behind the army, a gigantic wave rose above them as they stared in awe and fright. The monster wave then crashed onto the men, washing away any evidence of life from the wasteland.
"Good work, Wolfe," says his second in command, Henry DeLaune as they all rejoice at the sound of the enemy army's screams of terrified surprise, looking down from a near-by ledge.
"Where is my wife? I want her to witness this magically wonderful moment with me," asks a proud Wolfe.
"Right here, Alistair," answers a sweet female voice from behind him.
He turned, smiling as he wrapped her small body in his arms. He let the scent of her light brown hair calm him from battle and watched with her, his achievements.
Little did they know, Montcalm prepared for the St Lawrence flooding ahead of time. He held his breath under water until it calmed enough to swim to the nearest shore. Breathing heavily, he angrily scrambled to his feet and started planning Wolfe's death right that moment. He swore to get revenge on any Wolfe who came across him, whether man, woman or….child.
"Audrey-Blythe, please have a seat," said Mr. Montcalm, in his usual sly, I-know-everything voice.
"Montcalm," Audrey replied with vengeance tingeing each letter like rust on the nameplate of his desk; misspelled to have a name like Regis Mancalm.
"I haven't seen you in a long while, Audrey-Blythe. How have you been holding up?" he asks as if he cares.
“Better than the miss spelled nameplate on your desk...” she raises a brow, enjoying the pulsating blood vessel in his forehead.
"It was…a typo…" he tries calming down, swears in French, and finally keeps his cool.
Audrey sits there staring, almost laughing at him with her eyes, "I know why I'm here, why don’t we agree to disagree, and I'll kill you now and win this little life long war you've started."
"Even if you did try, you wouldn't defeat me. Trust me, I've got a plan of my own,"
"Trust you? I think not. I tend to loose trust in people who kill my parents."
"Fair enough. Unless you can bring your family back from the dead, you'll need to find your army. Your generation will be killed off leaving only the Montcalms to rule,"

Audrey stares at the crazy man with a smirk and crossed arms, "You're serious? Humor me. How are you going to win this?"
"You'll see soon enough," And with that, he shows her to the door, pushes her out, and closes it.
As the red jackets run towards their enemy, muskets raised and voices high in a song of pure strength, the French await in a patient, horribly silent stance, watching as the red coats ready to attack with all they've got. Thinking they're more of a superior country, they wait until they are in a long yet able range and ready their muskets at General Montcalm's signal. General Wolfe ran at the head of the pack, not one glimpse of fear in his eyes, as he slows down, letting his men die for their country first. He ran up and stabbed a Frenchman while he was reloading. After that, it turned to chaos.
Maxie sighed as she looked up, slipping a lock of jet-black hair behind her ear. How can such a boring subject also be so exciting? Suddenly, the bell rang through the room and just as she began closing her textbook, Mr. Gerry had closed the door.
"Students, before you go, I've got a message to tell you from our new principal," he sounded worried…but mostly scared. Maxie paid all of her attention to her history teacher as he explained the message. "He told all the teachers that, all students are now in war. If you see a young red headed new girl named Audrey-Blythe, you're either with her or against her, because she is the enemy."
Maxie has never been more confused. "In war"? "She is the enemy"? How does any of this make sense…If anything, the smart thing to do is consult this Audrey person. Maxie got up once the door opened and rushed out. Red head…girl…Audrey…that should be enough to find her…

The author's comments:
This is the second chapter of the book i'm writing ^^

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