Twin Towers

May 11, 2011
By Morgan Lambert BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
Morgan Lambert BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
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On September 11, I remember sitting on the small, blue worn swing at the small park that was in the city of New York where I had been born and spent the first seven years of my life. I was pumping my legs on the swing with my small muscles as my pink dress flowed up and down like a princess walking in the wind, my mom sat on a bench reading a book with her glasses slanted against her nose, occasionally looking up to watch me swing. My smile was large and every once in a while I would look at my mom and wave at her, I loved her so much. Then I heard a loud noise I looked up to the blue, beautiful sky that matched my mother’s eyes, and there was a huge plane flying very low to the ground, it was a grayish color and I remember saying, “Mommy! Look at that big plane flying! It’s so close to the ground!” My mom looked at me and smiled.
Then I heard a huge bang that shook the soft, green ground and made my swing jerk, a heat wave of fire raised in the air and I felt it all the way at the playground, I looked at my mom face and there was no longer a smile but a frozen blank face in freight. I turned it the direction that my mom’s eyes were staring with a moist look. One of the huge towers that daddy worked at was erupted with the huge plane; there was a huge crash that filled my ears with pain. The building was exploded with fire and split into millions of pieces and pulled apart like the string cheese that my mom often gave me with my sandwich at lunch. Then after the first plane ran into the large building there was another huge grey plane that hit through both of the buildings, in the background I could hear a wave of screams and cries along with the crashing of the two largest building I had ever seen.
I remember seeing the fear on my mommy’s face she screamed with fear and tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollable down her face, I screamed “daddy!” as I broke into tears and ran into my mom’s arms. Then the large particles of the building begin banging as they were falling to the ground we began to run as fast as we could then it happened, a huge piece of metal from the plane came soaring from the sky it whizzed down and hit my mom and landed on her small, muscular tan leg, she scream in agonizing pain, I cried and wondered why this wonderful day had turned into the worst day of my life. I remember crying so hard that I felt sick and trying to help my mom but then a big muscular strong hand that reached into mine and pulled me off the ground, my small hand left my moms strong but now limp hand.
I said, “No! No! That’s my mommy! Get off of me!” Then man that had been sitting in the park as usually that made sure everyone was safe gave me a warm smile and said that everything would be okay, he said that my parents would be okay and I would reunite with them. I was so scared that I was trembling with fear, I had never been taken away from my mother and the thought made me tear up again and my tear ducts were full of water just like a cloud gets right before it burst out with rain. I said, “Take me to my mommy!” in a small whimpering voice. The man picked me up and held me just like my mommy did when I was first born, his hands were large with veins that popped out and I felt his strong muscular arms around mine.
We walked what seemed like hours till he got to the police station, he sat me down on a small green bench that the paint was chipping off, I said, “what did I do wrong!! I don’t want to go to jail! Take me to my mommy!” The big man with the warm smile said, no, no dear you’re not in trouble at all were just going to take care of your while the nice men that work at the hospital help your mommy.” I held my lip in so it wouldn’t look like I was going to cry again. I asked if I would ever see her again and the man said of course dear! A small but noticeable smile appeared on my face, I was glad that I would be able to see my mom’s beautiful sky blue eyes again.
Inside the police station I saw tons of people running and screaming that they couldn’t find their children, I saw other men wearing uniforms just like the man who had taken my hand, the police station was a cold and crazy placed filled with upset people. I didn’t like it there at all. The phone in the police station rang it was loud with a tone that went on and on until someone finally answered it. Then a man in a deep blue suit came in and said, sir, you may take to young girl to the hospital where her mother is” I was pulling on the big man that was taking care of me shirt and said, “Come on, come on!! We have to hurry I want to see my mommy!” we hoped in a large police car and I sat in a big black seat in the back, I felt like a criminal with the lock glass between me and the front seats. That had big red and blue lights on top, the man looked back I me and gave me a friendly smirk then he turned on the police lights! I said, “What are you doing!! I’m not going to jail! That’s the only time you turn those on!” The man said, “Well you said you wanted to get there fast! These lights give me the right to do that.” I smiled and said, “oh yeah!”
The man and I passed by lots of cars that whizzed by as the colors blended together like the different color fruits that my mom put in her smoothies. We approached a large white building that had many windows, doors and cars parked on the outside. Then our police car came to a stop. The man took me by the hand and we walked into the doors that slide open as if I was a royal princess walking into my castle. As soon as I walked into the doors I saw my mommy. I screamed, “Mommy! Mommy! I missed you so much I didn’t think I would ever see you again!” I looked down at my mom, her face was pale and she was sitting the grayish chair that rolled she had her leg all bandaged up the white cloth was wrapped tightly around her small leg. I then said, “Are you okay?” in a sad voice. She replied with a smile, “Of course, baby! Mommy is strong and is just so glad to see you!” I sat in her lap making sure I wouldn’t hurt her wounded leg. She kissed my cheek with her small red lips. The man in the police car drove us home to our house that I was so glad to see again.
I looked at my mommies round, silver watch and said, “What time is it?” she said, “7 o clock, why?” I replied, “Why isn’t daddy home he gets home at six?” Then my mom broke into tears I wondered why but then it hit me like the water balloon my older cousin hit me with last summer that made me cry. “ did he die when those big planes hit the building he worked at? “ my mommy shook her head and I cried, thinking to myself, what would I do now that I didn’t have my daddy to show me how to play baseball? I was very upset that I lost my daddy but I knew that he was the best daddy in the world and that he would be in heaven with someone very special taking care of him and watching over me and mommy, that someone was God.

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