Abenteuerlust (Spirit of Adventure)

May 5, 2011
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This is a Journal written by Robert Rolf. He and his friend Heinz live in Russia

and they want to go on a boy’s trip. Robert bought this journal to record his trip to

Germany to write about everything that happens so he can pass it down to his kids


June 11th, 1948

Today I just bought this journal so I can record my experience and write

About all the fascinating things I see and do in Germany. I’m sure Amy

(My Girlfriend) will like this, considering she is a journalist and

everything. Hopefully one day I can share this with my kids. I leave

tomorrow pretty early, so I think I should get some shut eye.

June 12th, 1948

I left today, and its way too early for me right now. I’m sitting on the plane

Wide awake while everyone is soundly sleeping. This always happens to

me… This sucks. Oh and this morning was hectic! When we were almost

to the airport, Heinz realized he left his passport at home, so we had to

drive all the way back to his house. Because of him we nearly missed the

plane. Well I just yawned, that means I should probably try to sleep since

this will be a LONG flight.

June 14th, 1948

Today Heinz and I are spending our first day in the lovely city of

Frankfurt. We are just walking around exploring, planning for our day for

tomorrow. We just got lunch at this tiny café. I got the dumplings with a

polish sausage and some sauerkraut. It’s my favorite. Heinz gets this nasty

stuff that looks like a combination of pig food, mud, and stuff I don’t even

want to name... point is it looks like mush. After we got a bite to eat we

went and got our self fishing gear, hunting gear, guns and bullets.

Tomorrow we plan to go fishing in this little stream we discovered then

after go hunting. I enjoy doing these things. I can’t really do these sort of

activities at home because Amy Is a vegetarian and forbids me to kill any

kind of animal god set on this planet. She always says “They have feelings

too.” Anyways people around here are very friendly. Ah were going to

miss the trolley!!!!

June 15th, 1948

It’s about 8:30 am and Heinz and I are loading up our bags with tons of

food, bait, and everything we need for our adventure today. First were

going fishing in that creek I told you about, that we found. It’s pretty hot

outside and it’s barely about 8:45.

Its about noon and we’ve been fishing for awhile. We still haven’t caught

anything worth eating. I think the fish are swimming down for the summer

but they’re not quite here yet. We met these two other people here. They

looked like locals. After awhile they came over toward us and we started

talking and they said they enjoyed hunting too and they knew of a good

spot. So we decided to go with them. Apparently they were seriously into
hunting because they gave us guns that dominated our hand held ones.

They were like from the war or something. But were going hunting now…

7 Pm

We finally just got back from hunting. It was an experience of a life time.

We went through this forest then into some desert looking area. They said

they knew what they were doing, but I felt like they really didn’t. So when

we got there we saw a tiger. A REAL LIFE TIGER. I didn’t even know

they had those in Germany but apparently they do! I expected it to be

ferocious, but it wasn’t, it was quite calm to my amazement. Thank the

lord I brought my camera with me today. I ended up capturing this

moment on Camera. I told Heinz to take a picture of me and the two

people we just met. After that I thought we were going to continue

walking to find stuff to hunt but we ended up killing the tiger. I was

shocked, but its something I can say I have done before and no one else

has. Overall it was a great day except I kept getting weird vibes from the

two locals. It creeped me out that they carried such big guns with them.

June 16th, 1948

Today Heinz and I went to return the guns and grab a bite to eat at that

café again. It ended up being our favorite lunch place. We got the same

thing every time we went in. The ladies who owned it were so nice there.

We decided to walk back thinking we could use the exercise. As we were

walking back I felt like someone was watching us for some reason. I

thought it was juts me so I didn’t bother mentioning it to Heinz. I didn’t

want him to become all agitated because he gets really paranoid about

those things.

Later that night Robert wasn’t feeling too good, so he decided to stay in while Heinz

decided to enjoy his last night out on the town. Around midnight the locals they met

ambushed Heinz and Robert, killing Robert because Heinz was out still. The men that

they met ended up being part of a German “gang” that started way back in the 1900’s that

has been carried through today. They meet foreigners become their friends then ambush

them and steal their money. When Heinz got back into the room he discovered Robert.

After a few days taking care of this disaster Heinz set this journal to Amy and threw

away the picture of the two men and Robert with the tiger. The picture eventually

departed with the journal. Now for whom it will be passed on will remain a mystery.

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