May 4, 2011
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A man walked alone on the shore, head bowed, wondering where he went wrong. None would listen to him, even with his just cause, and he didn’t know what to do.
The only sound was the breaking of the waves, and the scrape of his boot on the sand. Occasionally a gull would soar overhead on silent wings, and he would wish to fly on those wings and just fly away.
A gleam in the corner of his eye attracted his attention. In the sand, there stood a sword, with a vibe that emanated power. A plain wooden hilt, with a bare cross guard made it look plain; yet just looking at it he wanted it. Humbly he walked to it, and placed his hand on the hilt. Fire shot through his arm, but from his times spent in torture chambers, he knew pain. With a small grunt he heaved, yanking the sword clear. Sand glistened in the sun and the man could feel strength filling his limbs, a hope appearing where there was none.
He cast off the robe of despair he wore and walked with a confident air back to the fools who dared oppose him.

The senators seated around the table were chatting when, with a bang, the double doors, gilded and must have been weighing over 50 pounds, blasted in, slamming against the walls. The man from the beach strode in, a saber in his hand. A servant opened his mouth to speak, but at a glance, was silenced. No sound came out of his mouth, no matter how hard he tried.
A fat gentleman stood, “Now, Adolf, I don’t know whats-“

Adolf flung his hand to the side, causing the man to fly through the air, and thud against the wall. “Now listen here.” His voice soft, yet every man leaned forward, listening intently. “The world will be mine, and you my pawns. No more waiting, no more deciding. The end of the Jews is now.”

All in that room voiced agreement, even the ones totally against it.
From that day forward, whenever he spoke, people listened. Jews fell to his armies, and all seemed lost. The world for most people was fire and chaos, none knowing whether they would be the next ones to die.

Until one day. A boy studying for a math test looked up when he felt a cold breeze go across his skin. Looking back, he saw a crouched figure in his window. “Frank?” the man asked.
“Yeah…” the boy replied trying to keep his voice level, “how do you know my name?”

Jumping in silently, Tom walked into the room. “I know a lot about you. I know you’re a Wizard, if only a trained one. I have a job for you.”

Frank gaped, but shook his head, “what do you need?”
Tom explained and with every word, the blood drained more and more from Frank’s face. “You want me to what?!?!?”

The procession had been underway for quite a while. With Adolf Hitler’s picture at the front, men marched behind, with swastikas on there arms and guns on their shoulders. Almost all of the Jews were eradicated from Germany; the only ones left were in labor camps or in hiding. But even those were being found; for even though they didn’t know it, Hitler’s new power gave him much.

Frank swallowed hard a few times, watching for a minute before turning and hurrying away. He muttered to himself, “I’m a boy, not a thief. Yet the one who was Merlin wants me to do this.”

Glancing around, he darted into an alley, and the stench of death and decay hit him. Rotting garbage lay all around, and rats were scurrying everywhere. Holding his nose, he knocked on a short door that was partly hidden behind a moldy trashcan.

“Enter,” a voice called out. Looking at the doorknob in disgust, Frank wrapped his hand before grabbing it. Mold that was caking it blew off into the air, and he held his breath to keep out the spores.

A frail old man sat in a rocking chair next to a roaring fireplace. “So,” he said while puffing on a pipe, “You’re the one who’s going to steal Excalibur?”

Hitler stood, drunk with power. “we are the supreme race! We will conquer the world!” cheers erupted, and applause boomed. The blond hair, blue eyes “Aryans” that were in the crowd chanted, “death to Jews! Death to Jews!”
Turning, Hitler addressed his advisors. Get things ready. I need to take a long shower.” The men all quickly nodded, remembering the men who went against him in the beginning. The fates of those before made them gag with revulsion.
In his room, Adolf looked at himself. Whereas he had been a little guy, who was intimidated easily, he had turned into a broad strong man. Not fearing anything, he stood above everyman he knew, but it wasn’t good enough for him. He wanted more. In a fit of rage his fist lashed out and shattered the mirror. “Get me a new one while I bathe,” he told the attendant.”

Frank held his breath when Hitler first walked into the room. Surely he will know I don’t belong, he thought to himself. But Hitler just walked past. He also didn’t notice when Frank jumped, scared by Hitler breaking the mirror. “Get me a new one while I bathe.” Frank watched Hitler take the sword off, and place it next to the doorway. “Oh, by the way. You’re new here, so I will warn you. You touch that,” he pointed at the sword, “and I’ll make you wish that you never showed up at my palace.”
Frank nodded quickly, and Hitler stepped into his shower.

Stepping out of the shower, the first thing he noticed was that he felt weaker. Thinking it was just his muscles relaxed he reached for his sword…..and bellowed in rage.
Smashing open the door, he noticed the boy was gone. With his sword. Bashing his way into the hallway he hollered for someone to find the thief. But it was too late, Frank was already gone.
Nearly a weak later, Frank gave it to the old man. “Good job. I will be sure this reaches safe hands.” Frank nodded, grateful to finally getting rid of it.
Minutes after getting back home, Tom showed back up. “Good job kid.”
Frank whirled around, and again, Tom was sitting on the window sill. “So it’s over? What’s going to happen?”
Tom laughed, “Its already happening. Hitler is losing ground and I just got a report that his advisors found out about what happened. Let’s just say he won’t be troubling us anymore.”
Frank sighed. So, no more death. What a relief, he thought.
Tom stood a black shadow against the moon, “I will keep in touch. You proved yourself.”
“Sir!” Frank called out, “what happened to the sword?”
Tom shook his head, “some idiot dropped it out of the plane. We think he was paid to do it. The search is back on.” He smirked and dropped out of site.

Lying back on his bed, he heard his mother’s footsteps, “frank?”
With a look of dismay he called out, “mom I can explain!”
She entered his room, and looked at the desk, “so you haven’t finished studying for the math exam tomorrow? You know that you need to pass that exam.” Frank looked over at the bedside clock and his jaw dropped. It was the same day he had gotten the assignment. For a moment he wondered if it was all just a dream. Just a moment.

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musicispassion said...
Aug. 12, 2011 at 11:32 pm
really interesting story i enjoyed it it was a creative and original idea good job i have one thing to point out though in the begining u wrote ... fly on those wings and fly away. it sounds kinda weird that way but it's my opinion so u don't have to listen ggod job boy or girl?
blitsnik replied...
Aug. 13, 2011 at 7:50 am
Lol, im a guy, and yeah, someon pointed that out. i have fixed it on my copy, but dont think i can edit it on the site. thanks for the comment though
Love.Hate.Passion. said...
Aug. 7, 2011 at 11:43 pm

I am absolutely sorry to say this was not a piece I liked. I found it very...strange.I did however , like that you turned a topic such as the Holocaust , and put a different spin on it. That takes some serious creativity. You had some spelling errors along the way , nut you had a great ending to your story. Awesome job :)

...and I apologize again if I have offended you. I offer this criticism to make you a better writer.

blitsnik replied...
Aug. 8, 2011 at 12:41 pm
Dont worry, i take no offense. Thank  you for offering your actual opinion instead of trying to please everyone. I will have to go through and spell check, the computer i made this on was a school one, and the spell check they use....lets just say it isnt the greatest. Thanks again.
TwasBrilling said...
Jul. 26, 2011 at 9:43 am
This was a really neat thing to write about. It easily could have been rushed nonsense, but you pulled it off well! (Great descriptive writing!) The only thing I would critique is your overuse of the word 'fly' in the second paragraph.
blitsnik replied...
Jul. 26, 2011 at 9:45 am
Thanks, and thats great advice. I  will have to find a synonym of fly probably, or say have those wings. thank you very much.
daneshzg said...
Jun. 18, 2011 at 1:18 am
As soon as i read the title and first three sentences, i immediately told myself "this is a nice piece, i should carry on reading this." this should be very encouraging for you, because i hardly ever read ANY stories on this website.
blitsnik replied...
Jun. 18, 2011 at 11:31 am
thanks, it is encouraging. im glad you enjoyed it.
blitsnik said...
May 21, 2011 at 7:52 pm
sorry if its a bit choppy, i didnt do it all at once, but did i think 5 total parts and when i added them together, it seemed weird. it was good when there was a to be continued after every part, but all together is different.
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