Broken Terror

April 11, 2011
The day I was on base, I knew something was going to happen. I don’t know how and I don’t know why. I just knew. On June 23rd, 1998, I had moved to my new apartment on MacDill Air Force Base. My father, MSgt. Craig Michael, was stationed on the base with JCSE, his unit. Every day I thought the worst was yet to come. My dad joined the Air Born School two months later. He wanted to embrace the life of the air. If you think that it’s stupid to do such a thing, then put this story down and do it yourself. My dad was having the time of his Air Force career. He never failed a jump, and never failed a landing. By the end of January, he was a Jumpmaster. Now he has an impressive rank and he became a Jumpmaster for the Air Force. This man has what it takes. My mom works for Target and she works at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church as the Religious Education Coordinator. My older brothers are Aric and Grant, and they both go to Brandon High School. My brothers and I were raised as military brats.
General Jason McMathis kept calling me “that little s***” for no reason. I told him about my feelings and he hollered “Bull S***.” “This nation will never be affected by anything so f*** that feeling and get that s*** out of your head!” I didn’t care about what he said because I knew that it will happen. I have learned about all of the wars and I know it’s not over.
We are visiting relatives back home in Stockton, Illinois. Today, July 19, 2001, is my 7th Birthday and I am traumatized right now. “It’s here. It’s here. The worst is here,” I keep repeating softly. My dad was starting to believe me. He was asking me questions like “when will it happen? Now? Soon? When and where and why Kasey?” I could only speak with the same words “sooner than you know.” My mom was stupefied from my behavior and didn’t know what to do. She took me to Church when we arrived back to Florida. The priest, Father Fitz looked at me many times and had a shocked face on himself. “MaryKay, I’m afraid he’s right. The worst is here.” Father reported. “I can see it in his eyes. He has it planted in his eyes. Why didn’t you believe him?” “He is only 7. What the heck was I suppose to have done.” My mom explained. “Do you think I had time to listen to him? No. I have two jobs and 3 boys. You think I have enough time to listen to my 7 year old son about some stupid thing like that?” The priest stared at me dramatized and said, “I think you should go home Mrs. Michael and keep your mom safe, Kasey.” Father complained. On the ride home, my mom yelled, “Why are you lying to everyone? Why are you making random stuff up for no reason? You’re scaring everyone.” I told her “I don’t mean to scare anyone. All I know is our country is going to get the worst.”
On September 10th, 2001 I had the worst feeling ever to be known to my 7 year old mind and body. Grant was trying to calm me down. “Hey Kasey, come and play Digimon with me. I need your help.” I went with him to try and get rid of that thought off my head. “Kasey, I believe you but you need to tell…at least Aric or me.” Grant exclaimed. I don’t know what to do with this exaggeration. I went to bed terrified. The next morning, I can’t describe it. I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t want my dad to go to work. I was panicking so bad, I wasn’t letting go of my father. “Dad, don’t go! Please, not today. Please don’t go!” I screamed. He slapped me one time, looked at me and lectured, “Kasey, I will be just fine. I won’t get hurt at all. You’ll be fine and so will I. Don’t worry.” He got in his truck and left to MacDill Air Force Base. Aric and Grant have already left to school at Brandon High. “Mom, please let me stay home. I have a bad feeling. Please mommy.” I exclaimed. But she dropped me off at Yates Elementary. My friend Ashley was waiting for me in class. “Kasey, you don’t look to good. What’s wrong?” She questioned. I told her everything that happened. “Oh my gosh, you really think it will happen?” By then Mrs. Giglio came in the room panicking and screamed “Please don’t panic. Stay calm!” We all looked at her. Then me eyes got wide and I screamed “No!” The TV blared “A plane has crashed into the north tower.” I can’t believe it. There came the bad. About 15 minutes later, “the south tower has been hit by a plane. Both towers have been hit.” Ashley and I broke down in tears. “You were right, Kasey.” The school announced that they locked the schools down. My mother was trapped at Target and my dad was locked down at MacDill. Aric and Grant are still in school. At 12:33 pm we got back to the room from lunch and we saw the TV was on and had more bad news. “The Pentagon has been hit by a plane. America is under attack!” “Aw come on!” I screeched. “This is horrible. The absolute worst. America has been attacked by terrorists.” The TV blared. At 2 pm I got home and my mom hugged me and screamed “I’m glad you’re OK! I was so worried.” All I could think was “is Daddy OK?” “Daddy is fine. He is locked down at JCSE. Kasey, he is fine.” Okay mommy but you need to listen to me more.” I lectured. Aric and Grant got home 1 hour later. “You were right Kasey. I should have listened to you and Grant.” Aric apologized. “We all should have listened to Kasey.” Grant interrupted. At 9:18 pm, my dad and General McMathis arrived back home. I glomped my father and I starred at the general. “Kasey, I must apologize for my reckless reaction.” He exclaimed. “If there is anything you want to tell me or need to get off your chest, feel free to talk to me.” By January 29th, 2002, the towers were vanquished and the nation is growing strong. Maybe we needed this to come together and a nation we live in.

We will never forget 9/11.

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