50 Years from Now

March 30, 2011
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As of now I am a 14 year old boy who enjoys sports, girls, hanging out with friends, family, and basketball. I am trying my hardest to achieve good grades, reach my peak in basketball, and follow the things I know are right.
Where I hope to be now is a retired NBA hall of fame legend. Wealthy, with a gorgeous family, and a big house. I hope my parents are still alive and doing well. I would love for some new very cool toys to come out and I hope I still got enough game to keep up with you kids.
My first child, one of your Daddies, I hope to name Reven and I will teach him to be as successful as he can be. I want to be able to tell you and your parents that I have never had drugs or beer so that you may follow my example. I want to have all of my kids be born healthy and to have found a cure for most of the horrible diseases hurting the worlds children today. I want more than anything for all of my children to achieve there full potential, make wise decisions they know are right and to be able to follow in my footsteps in hope that they are good and pure. Make good choices, live life to the fullest, and have joy in all things you do. You can make it through any challenge.

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