coup de tat

March 29, 2011
By QueensWithChainsaws BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
QueensWithChainsaws BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
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“How old are you son?” the night held the man’s features rather oddly but, by his lantern, I could make out his face. “I’m- I’m uh 16 sir.” He seemed to be glaring or squinting his eyes at me and then I realized he was just looking me over. Probably doesn’t believe that I’m 16. To my surprise he finished and then responDed “Right. Follow me.” Nervous but still thrilled, I joined the kings army. It was common to take boys my age for the military. In fact, boys younger than I, boys as young as 11 were being recruited. This was a time of war and I was ready to fight, because the kingdom of Straun Tameur ( strong without the g and tam-oor) and the kings army are dissipating.
This faint memory passed through my head and quickly disappeared as I slowly opened the door to the dark throne room. I gasped for air but could not catch my breath. Enemies in dark blue garments had his majesty by the collar of his robe. Was I ready yet to die fighting? I heard them talking “surrenDer the throne or I will take it by force” the king spit in the man’s face. The king was backhanDed. All the enemies’ men were laughing and then I noticed something strange, some of the men laughing were part of our military. Not only that these men were of high ranking. I could not take this echoes of their laughter rang in my head and burned. I unsheathed my sword and snuck around the pews.
I screamed as I ran towards the evil man and stabbed him in his siDe. Almost immediately his men started to attack me. I held them off and sliced a few. Some grabbed me and held me back. The wicked man approached me and pulled back my hair I tried to lunge for him. “I’ll shake these men off and stab you again! Wipe that grin off your face!” “Then by all means do it!” I tried again and finally he had enough he punched me hard enough to make me spit out a tooth, then sliced my face with his dagger. “This scum is not worth killing throw him in the river……”
“No!!” I awoke from my slumber and found myself on the ground. “I am so glad this wasn’t real, my king is safe.” The boy stood turned and saw the kingdom in flames……..

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BlackPanther said...
on Apr. 14 2011 at 12:30 pm
BlackPanther, Ashford, Other
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Well written and entertaining. Has your "d" key got a glitch btw?


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