My Name is Henry

March 25, 2011
Hi there, my name is Henry Wayne. I live in place called Moscow, Russia. My family and I have been living there for centuries. My dad is a Russian Warrior and he is leader in the Russian task force called Spetsnaz. His rank is a Captain. Now my mom is a nurse at the big main hospital in Moscow. We have not moved yet but I knew it would only be a matter of time before we did move from Moscow to another city or even another country. Then all of a sudden my dad came home and started to talk to mom about something. I was trying to ease drop on the conversation but they were whispering to each other so then we wont here it and then my parents came out and start to smile laugh and be happy with the news they have to tells us.

My mom and dad came to us and said, “will you two sit down for a moment.” They were talking about me and my little sister. Her name is Anabel. We have something to tell you two. Your mom and I were talking and I have got a promotion today and we are going to move to America. After they told us that I had some many questions just running through my head. Like s it going to be nice there and is there going to be very nice people there and I hope I make a lot of friends in the new school that I am going to there. Now my older sister on the other hand I don't know what is going through her head though.

We have finally packed all of our things and we are now on the Russian military plane heading over to America to go to our new house. Now we have finally landed in America and we have got a limo driver which his name is Lamar Sinclair. He is a nice man and he was a very respectable and respecting man. So now I have been think about more questions that have been just popping in my head left and right that maybe this place wont be so bad after all but my sister is like don’t hold your breath because you haven't seen the rest of America yet. My mom was like sh Anabel don’t scare your brother like that.

To Be Continued

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