Conquering Fears

March 14, 2011
By Anonymous

It was Neco’s biggest fear of all. What was he going to do? Was he going to say “yes” to the skydiving trip?

It all started on a beautiful, summer Saturday. He had never seen one so peaceful. That was all about to change. His friends, who seemed to have no fears at all offered him to go on a skydiving trip. His friends were the daredevil type. Rick, the one with the spirit of doing anything, James, the one with the heart to never back down, Kiabi, the one with the energy of hundreds and Lenno, the one with the brains were all trying to convince him to go skydiving. Neko was afraid of skydiving because he was afraid of height. He accepted the trip after much convincing. After one week of training, he was ready.

They set out on their journey. It was time to pack the shoots. Neko let the instructor pack his shoot. They climbed up into the plane and were off. Little did they know, this was a trip they would never forget, especially for Neko.

Once up in the air, they began to exchange conversation. They talked about how funny it is that this all happened since Neko was so scared of skydiving. They had hooked the clips of the shoot onto a bar hanging just above their heads. The light that signaled the time to jump was eagerly watched. The light turned green, it was now or never. Just as Neko was about to unclip his hook to jump, he thought, “wait, there’s no skydiving instructor in a freefall jump.”

He jumped anyway. As he pulled the cord to release his shoot, nothing happened. His mind started racing. He frantically pulled and pulled and nothing happened. He then tought about his backup shoot and pulled, still nothing. He started to panic. He frantically signaled for help. Lenno came over and grabbed him, held on and pulled his string. They both floated down. As soon as Neko touched the ground, he thought, “sabotage”!

They couldn’t find the man who did it, but one day the man showed his face. Neko recognized him and this is where the real story starts. The man was arrested. After a series of elaborate plans, the man escaped and he was coming back for Neko. Neko was scared and had no idea what to do. He went to the police and they did nothing. He then went to his friends. They all agreed to help him. They tried so hard to find him and they couldn’t. They soon found out that the man would come to them and would come face to face with him. He was tall, muscular and had an angry attitude. They tried to run, but he was too fast. When they turned to look back at him, he wasn’t there. After not seeing him, they stopped to breathe and access the situation. They thought of ways to get away from him.

All of the friends went to the airport. The plan was to go to a different country. They made arrangements and got on a plane that was the biggest one they had ever seen. Once in the sky, another plane was located on the radar monitor. It was flying above them. They saw what appeared to be a part of that plane, then it disappeared. Boom! Neko exclaimed, “What happened?” Then, a sudden silence! The friends continued on their flight not knowing of the horror that was to come.

Another bang and out of nowhere, the man appeared in the jump door. It turned out that after all of this, the man jumped from his plane onto their plane. It was on again. For some reason,

I guess not to get killed, they all jumped. Right behind them was the man they were trying to escape. When they touched ground, they literally ran as fast as they could. As I said earlier, the man after them was very fast. Lucky for them, they found a good hiding place. They hid for as long as possible. The man’s parachute had a lot of strings to untangle, so this gave them some time. They soon noticed that he was in the area of where they were hiding. When he was about 13 yards from them, he tripped. The boys burst out of hiding and found the local police. The man was finally caught. To make it an even better day, Neko conquered his fear of height.

The author's comments:
I am afraid of heights so I thought this was a great story.

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