In high schoool

February 17, 2011
By Anonymous

As I stared into the dark night just thinking about what my life has come to how did it get this way. I couldt even remember the last time that I was happy it has been a while now for I felt this lonely feeling. The only think that makes me happy now is being alone staring into the blank night little things make be happy now since it’s all I have. It all stared when I was in high school I thought it was the best time in my life being a kid not having a care in the world I just wanted that feeling back the feeling of being loved.
I was in 10th grade

One day I just woke up and my dad was gone it was hard on me I thought what they had my real love I could never really understand what the reasoning was I just woke up one day and he was gone. I never had so much anger in my life how could he ever do this to my mom and I. I guess maybe I thought because it was hard on him working 3 jobs trying to get money for our family, but I was thankful for that I told him everyday that I was happy he did this for us. I didn’t see him that much since he was always at work. Ever since he left it was hard on my mom we had to move to a new house somewhere in Texas and I pretty much had to start my life all over I was in high school and had all the perfect friends and perfect boyfriend. I was from Florida even though it was hard on money I still had a great life and thankful for everything that I had. I did love my dad, but im not to sure of that anymore I just got never really fully understand how he could ever do this and I don’t think I ever will know. I was scared I was not good at making friends at all it was hard for me and I had very few friends here, but they were my best friends I could even imagine live without the, My best friend Casey iv know since I was 6 we did everything she was more like my sister and always there for me when even I need her witch was a lot lately since all the change that has been going on in my life. I never wanted to leave but I knew the time was coming soon for me to go.

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