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Dogs Of War, Wolves Of Anarchy, Interlude

February 18, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Do you hide yourself through cloak and dagger, Bump your head, through careless stagger
I bet Daniels is your best friend throughout the night, When the phantoms remain in sight
Does your mind break down the spirit of your soul? Have your regrets finally taken toll?
So she cries herself to sleep, with broken picture glass, Blood stained hands, No relieving aftermath
Contact lost for 20 months, Bottle dripped over, and she's feeling sunk, Guess the heartache really stunk
The call that breaks the silence, stands her up so fast, hoping that their love, could be brought back
He took them to the heart, her bottle slipped and crashed, He never even got too far, Her heart split in half
Holds his face close to her chest, the last thing of her life, where she could feel so happy, finally be free
Mother was a drunk, father danced in vicious deeds, he molested and professed this, while her mother's brain just bleeds
His revolver dusty in a box, Under chiming cuckoo clock, Next to creaking chair that rocks, Chance to remove mental blocks
Trigger pulled, soul explodes , Pain has been released on her behalf. Laid to rest at his wake, reunite what was torn in half

I remember the comets streaking through the sky, Or where they just memories of my mind?
Bodies strewn about the ground, Bullets that could pierce the sound, Regardless of the moral bounds, My sanity I have found
Only to lose it down the line, Where blood grazed razor twine, Bombs dropped on hottest slumber, I race in hand with M249

Quiet were her children, orphaned just too young, 7,10 and cursed newborn, Woken under bloody sun
Thunder roared above canyonside, Where the message was so clear, " Take care of each other loving sons, From your mother dear "
Hail rained down upon the plains, He screamed down from the skies " My sons I love you so rest your heads, Upon the clouds that fly "

Twenty years has come and gone, Now we hear the ending song,

Dusty attic cobweb threads, Covered up a tale of love, outlived till the end
Separate and reunite the theme that never thins
Lovers notes at age so young, Under coldest dawn
Pray the doe that rescues them, has not yet come and gone

" Richard, It's me dear, I love you so much, I know daddy does not agree with us being together, But I don't care, I'm running away with you tonight, We are eloping and no one can change my mind! You have been there for me through thick and thin so many times, So long ago we met and I swear it was magic. I loved you with all my heart when I saw your gorgeous eyes, The kind that stares deep down in my soul. I will ride with you into the sunset, Where we can be free at last, Forever "

They find their daddy's final words, etched upon the parchment burned
With tears that flow through river's stride, The read his last goodbyes

" Stacey, If your reading this, I have not survived the war, I am so sorry I failed you, and the kids
I doubted myself so much, So many hardships to overcome but we beat the odds huh?
I wanted to kill myself, quit, let it all go, But you helped me persevere, You helped me see the end of my pain and the birth of new found love. You let this poor lowly boy, blossom into a handsome man, and you let this eagle soar above the sun rays and into the chilly but welcome skies of happiness
A thousand bullets could pierce my heart, But nothing could ever break my soul apart
I'll look down every now and then, Smile at the wind, Someday we will be together again, When you see the boys, please kiss them
Tell them daddy's gone but not to mourn, For I will always love them, And when they hurt deep down inside, Just remember..........that daddy is above them "

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