Forgotten Passed

February 9, 2011
By baldridge55 BRONZE, Center, Colorado
baldridge55 BRONZE, Center, Colorado
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I walked off the plane coming back home form World War 2. When I stepped off the plane and immediately started looking for my Dad. He was holding a sign with my name on it. I ran up to him and gave him a hug. I asked him where my Mom and my sister was.
He said, “There at home waiting for us to come home.”
We pulled up to the gas station to fuel my Dad’s truck up. I told him I was going to go pay for the gas and buy a soda.
He gave me the money and said, “Okay.”
I walked inside and it was weird seeing all the food snacks and drinks just right there and clean. I was used to seeing rats and mice running all over the place. There were no rats or mice in site. I was cool not having to worry about getting sick from the rats or mice all the time. I grabbed my Dad and I a drink and walked up to the register and seat the drinks on the counter and told the lady, “This and the gas on……” I walked towards the door to see what number my Dad was on, “Oh pump 3.” She told me, “27.35 is your total sir.” I did not hear her because I was watching outside day dreaming about the war. How bloody and muddy the war was the fear of dieing from diseases like my best friend did and all lot of my friends did. It scared me every night I laid down I did not even know if I would wake up or not.
Then I sapped out of it and the Cashier was yelling at me, “Sir, Sir! are you okay?? Sir!”
I told her, “What sorry I was just thinking about something?” She said, “27.35 is your total.”
“What do you me….” With a confused look, then I seen the stuff seating there and I remembered.
I gave her the money and went back outside to my Dad’s truck.
He said, “What took so long bud?”
“I was just thinking about the war and how much different it is hear”
“You don’t have to worry about anything hear besides the burglars”
“I know it is just going to take me a little bit to get used to this, no mice or rats as much as there was there.”
We started to drive home, when we pulled up to the house my Mom came outside and gave me a big hug.
She said, “I am glad to have you home safe and sound.”
Then my sister came out and gave me a hug to and said the same thing as my Mom.
I said, “It is nice to be home I don’t have to worry about getting shot or ate by rats and mice.”
We walked inside the house and there was welcome home signs every were the rest of my family was waiting inside.
All I hear was “Welcome home”
I just said, “Thanks”
I asked my Mom were my room was so I could look at it and put my stuff up. It was nice I had a dresser and everything all of it was so clean I did not remember things being that clean. I was happy that I did not have to sleep in the mud any more.

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