Divine Meeting (Original Version)

February 4, 2011
By Masterbdg701 SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
Masterbdg701 SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Zeus: Greek God of the sky and weather and law, order and justice as well as ruler of the Greek Gods
Apollo: Greek God of music, poetry, plague, oracles, sun, medicine, light and knowledge
Horus: Egyptian God of kings, sky, and vengeance and ruler of Egyptian Gods
Ahura Mazda (ah-HOOR-uh MAZ-duh): Persian God of creation and upholder of truth, he also knows all
Vishnu (vi-SH-nu): Indian (India, not North America) supreme God and Preserver of the Universe
[The Divine Hall is a room made of precious jewels and in the center, there is a round table made of gold, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. In the center of this table is a globe chiseled from large pieces of mother-of-pearl (this was a gift from Poseidon). Surrounding the table was 5 thrones made of gems and gold. The room it self was ever changing to fit the emotions and thoughts of the individuals who sat there, simple colors for emotions and scenery for thoughts, this way if any one had devious intentions, they would be found out. Other than Ahura Mazda (the host) and important guests, the room was forbidden to any who were unworthy (so much as a glimpse of the room will magically kill the unworthy beholder). Ahura Mazda waits on his throne while the Gods of the Middle East arrive. Vishnu is the first to arrive since India is a close neighbor to Persia.]

Ahura Mazda: Ah, Vishnu you have arrived prier to my instructions.
Vishnu: Yes, and must I say you have very good handwriting, but aside from that if I may ask…
Ahura Mazda: All will be explained when everyone arrives.
(At that moment Zeus and Apollo arrive)
Zeus: I hope we are not interrupting anything.

Ahura Mazda: No, no, please come in.
Apollo: My visions have told me that this unscheduled meeting will decide the fate of all the creation.
Zeus: you’ll have to excuse him Ahura Mazda, I only brought him along to get Hera off my back; she says I spend too much time striking humans with lighting bolts and not enough time with my children.
Ahura Mazda: I know, and have already set up an extra chair.
Zeus: Man that is impressive, especially since it only happened as I left Mount Olympus this morning.
(At last Horus arrives in the form of a hawk, then transforms into his human form in his seat)
Zeus: Hey Horus, long time no see eh kid.
Horus: I am not a kid, I am 1058 years old!
Ahura Mazda: Silence! Please now this is an emergency of major proportions, we can not waste time.
Zeus: Can we at least do one round of Divine Sacrifice?
Vishnu: Divine Sacrifice?
Ahura Mazda: Divine Sacrifice is a game in which the players take turns out doing each other in strength by “punishing” humans, animals, or property in the most creative way possible, and I suppose we have enough time for ONE round.
Zeus: YES, I’ll start us off.
(Zeus then waves his hands across the pearl globe, causing it to change it to a highly detailed version of the mortal world in a bird-eye point of view.)
Zeus: Let’s see what to do… oh I know!
(Zeus then summons a lightning bolt in his hand and throws it in the globe which causes the one area of impact to become larger and larger till the bolt crashes into a farmer in the middle of a field in Athens.)
Horus: A lightning bolt again, man you are original (sarcastically).
Zeus: Let’s see you do better.
Horus: Fine.
(Horus then summons a fire ball in his hand and throws it into the globe which as before made it zoom in until the fire ball landed on poor fisher man’s boat located off an Egyptian harbor causing it to burn and sink killing both the fisher man and his 10 year old son.)
Vishnu: How could you do something so heartless, this is not what being a God is about is it!?
Ahura Mazda: Calm thy self Vishnu for this is for the better of mankind.
Vishnu: How!
Ahura Mazda: This “game” shows the mortals that we do exist and thus in order to ensure their safety, they then worship us which then gives us the energy required to protect them as well as to bless them with good fortune.
Vishnu: Ok, I guess it’s better for everyone, but I’ll not have any part of it.
Zeus: Good, because means I’ll be that much closer to winning.
Ahura Mazda: Oh my, looks as though this meeting is almost out of time.
Apollo: That is ok with me; I did not feel like harming others today.
Horus: So who won?
Ahura Mazda: … You have Horus.
Horus: Yes! In your face Zeus!
Zeus: You’ll not be so lucky next time.
Ahura Mazda: Now then on to our main topic of the day, there is a new religion in the center of our territories that promises to be a real threat.
Zeus: What’s wrong, can’t we just stamp it out like the other small religions.
Ahura Mazda: No, for this one has a God that is as old as we are but is somehow stronger.
Horus: What, we are the oldest and strongest Gods in this region, other than Apollo and Vishnu here. Who is he Ahura Mazda?
Ahura Mazda: Believe it or not Horus, this God’s followers worked for your people for years.
Horus: Wait, you mean the Israelite God is the threat to us. Look! That guy caught us off guard and He only took a small amount of our force.
Zeus: Oh yeah, we’ve heard of this, MAN did that guy make a mockery of you guys. Ha-ha.
Horus: Hey! Seth was attacking us with a large army, so we could not notice the “curses” and the “blessings” and what not.
Ahura Mazda: Any way, putting everyone’s personal feeling aside, we need to focus on the fact that He used Godly powers in the Egyptian realm.
Vishnu: Realm?
Ahura Mazda: Realms separate all the Gods of certain religions based on the amount of followers in the region and keep them from endangering someone else’s worshiper’s.
Horus: This is way I burnt an EGYPTION ship instead of a Greek ship.
Vishnu: I see, so that means that this God broke a sacred rule.
Ahura Mazda: Indeed, and now we must find a way to punish him.
Apollo: Perhaps we should let him off with a warning.
Horus: No this “sparrow” shall not ruffle my feathers and get away with it, I SHALL HAVE VENGENCE.
Zeus: Man I have not seen you this angry since I mentioned Seth awhile ago.
Ahura Mazda: Order, order, now then with “calm” heads, let us think of a RATIONAL plan of action.
Horus: No need Ahura Mazda, (standing up) this is an EGYPTION matter so the EGYPTION Gods will take care of this, so says Horus so it shall be done.
Ahura Mazda: Wait Horus, you do not comprehend the amount danger this posses, this will affect us all.
Horus: I don’t care what you say; we will take care of this God ourselves.
Vishnu: Revenge is never the answer.
Horus: That rule is for the mortals, NOT THE GODS.
Zeus: I stand behind you 100% Horus.
Vishnu: Not you too.
Zeus: Sorry but this is their problem so they should handle it as they wish.
Apollo: And should they fail and He goes against our people?
Zeus: Then we shall handle it.
Apollo: But…
Zeus: But nothing Apollo, if there is anything I know about Horus, he will make this guy wish he never had people to begin with.
Apollo: Very well, good luck Horus sir.
Ahura Mazda: Ok then, three out of five votes for domestic Egyptian judgment, so it shall be written, so it shall be done. Meeting adjourned.
(Apollo rises from his seat as if in a trance and walks toward the front of the stage.)
Vishnu: What is he doing Zeus?
Zeus: Oh just one his weird prophesy things again.
Apollo: So it came to be from that day that the Egyptian tried in vain find and punish the Israelite God. Meanwhile the Israelites would grow stronger and become more influencal. The Greek Gods will be the first to fall as they were replaced by the Roman Empire which destroyed Egypt thus destroying the Egyptian Gods. Neither of them will be worshiped till the 1970s when the humans known as reconstrunists put the old ways back into light. Ahura Mazda will live on in the religion known as Zoroastrianism but with only a few followers worldwide. Vishnu is also still alive thanks to Vaishnavism (one of the many branches of Hinduism) and has many worshipers. However compared to the soon to be Christian God, all of the Gods around the world for all time pale before him.
Zeus: Yeah right, come on Apollo; let’s go home Hera is arranging a nice banquet in my honor.
Ahura Mazda: Ok then, everyone is dismissed. (Everyone but Ahura Mazda leaves.) So it shall be written, so it shall be done.


The author's comments:
This is the original version of the Divine meeting which had to cut done to 6 pages but still carried the theme the only difference is that this has more facts, character, and humor.

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