Naivety & Regency

February 3, 2011
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All was quiet, all was peaceful, all was dark. George was relaxed, he had full reason to be, he was prince! Heir to the Throne! Of course, he didn't WANT his dad to die. He loved his dad...kinda. Okay by the end of George the Third and his illnesses reign, George actually didn't care. But this isn't a story of death! Oh no! This is a story of madness. He was woken by a sharp light, it burnt his eyes, even under the lids! His quilt was thrown off him and on to the floor. 'What! Oh, what's the matter Theodore!'
'Its your father, your highness: he's being diagnosed with madness!' was the reply from the short middle aged man, with middle class clothing.
'Madness? Knew it, he was barking mad from the start, I'm surprised it took the doctor this long to realise it!'
'That's not very respectful to one of the
greatest kings!'
The prince looked at him with a curvature in his eyebrows
'Great, Bah, he's not great, he's only popular because the last two kings were either tyrants or idiots'
'These are your family sire'
'Yes and I love them, its just that I can say the truth'

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