The Mohawk Native American gain up with the colist to defete the French

January 9, 2011
By stevmans1994 BRONZE, Troy, New York
stevmans1994 BRONZE, Troy, New York
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This isd done mark, he turned to putting the final touch to my plan. Mark said i will meat you half way bank to Fort Big Blue when we do the invation, Mark said. As they started march they heard the french beating on there drum and blowing on there trumpets, so they hide in the Moohawk woods.
The call it the mohawk woods becaue the Mohawk wood because the mohawk lived there. The Mohawks and they did not like the French soldeir because the French burned Down There villiges. So they help Marks crew attack French.
So the Mohawk starded to get there Bow and Arrows together and Mark crew started to load there musket. It took the only five minuts for the moghawk to get read that is how bad they want to get back at the French.

The french got closer they were so close that they can hear there footsteps banging on the ground, that is how hard they were banging there feet on the ground marching.

They were now it front of them so the Mohawk began to fire there arows and Marks crew began fireing there muskets with two two minuts there were down.

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