The Red Storm

January 7, 2011
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It was a stormy night when the Surprise was docking in the Tortuga’s port. The ship was very damaged. There were holes from the front of the boat to the stern. Big parts of the sails were burned and the deck was covered by blood, splintered wood and gunpowder. One of the fastest ships in the Spanish Caribbean, the Surprise was a frigate built in 1712. Four years ago, the surprise was only two years old; a pirate stole the ship, the new cannons and 3 tons of gold and silver, in a mystery attack on Port Royal.
This is the story about that attack and the pirate who become one of the best pirates in the Spanish Caribbean, my story. I was born into a rich family in Valencia in1678. Our house was on one of the most important avenues in the city of Valencia. My father was a boat builder. When I was three my family and I moved to London, England, to work for one of the rich men of England making boats. In 1688 my father and my mother were killed by Sir Austin during the revolution to overthrow King James II of England by a union of Parliamentarians with an invading army led by the Dutch stand holder William III of Orange-Nassau. As ascended the English throne as William III of England. My father was killed because one of the important men in the British navy of the William III Sir Austin was in love with my mother. So he killed my father and then after one night with my mother he murdered her too. He also burned my house and killed all the servants and the butler. King William III didn’t do anything because Sir Austin was his friend. Sir Austin also tried to kill me but I escaped. In my escape, I took the plans for the new type of boat that my father had already finished. My father had told me that this boat was going to be one of the fastest boats in the world. This boat was the Surprise.
That night I took a journey to Port Royal with only the plans, a compass, and a picture of my parents. The journey was horrible. When we were near the Bahamas a big storm caught up with us. I was terrified. The cold water was seeping in to my bones. Suddenly in the middle of the storm a ship appeared, the sails were red and on the top of the central mast a big black flag was waving in the sky. Our captain shouted “Be ready for the fight! Prepare the canons and the pistols! Be careful with the gunpowder!”
But it was too late. The pirate ship arrived by port in seconds. The fight was very short and my friends and I were made prisoners. The captain and all the mates were beheaded in front of us. Then the pirates threw these dead bodies into the water. I was shaking with fear. Then the pirates told us to line up. At this point, I said to myself that with the first opportunity of life I am going to choose it. The storm now was in its greatest moment. Big waves and the wind were a warning us to be careful. They could sink the pirate boat. But the pirates just laughed at us. Suddenly the pirates started to burn our ship. We saw our boat sinking from the pirate’s ship.
The pirate’s captain, El Rojo, said to us “If you want to be part of this ship, you are welcome but if you try to do something stupid, we will simply kill you”. then he yelled; “Welcomed to one of the greatest ships in the Spanish Caribbean, The Red Storm!” And he started laughing.

The first days on the pirate ship were hateful. Most of my friend tried something stupid and the captain killed them. One of my friends, Jack Anderson, tried to escape in the night with one of the lifeboat but one seaman saw Jack. The next morning when we get up we saw the dead body hanging in the main mast. In a few month become one of the crew, the captain chose me to be a skipper one of the biggest cast in the ship, I was good skipping the boats in the battles and I start like me new type of life. I was free, I become the second in command.
One year later, we were sailing near of CuraÇau when our captain decide to attack a frigate, but me and the crew didn’t t want to. The frigate was extremely large and we were tired. The crew makes me the captain. Lend the captain in a lifeboat.

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meg2012 said...
Jan. 12, 2011 at 3:35 pm

Jaime!!!! This is AMAZING!!!!!!

When you go back to Spain you BETTER keep adding your work. I love it!!!!!!


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