Dark Times in Salem Part. 3

December 21, 2010
By Raiahzah GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
Raiahzah GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
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“SADDDDDIIIIEEEE!” Oh great. I’m being called, again.
I run back to the house and continue my chores. Normally I am done by supper time, but too much is on my mind right now.

“Sadie, do you want supper tonight or not? You do know I can make you go to your bed and have you stay there until dawn. I will not tolerate you being so slow. You make me sick.”
I turn around and start doing my work faster. I try to keep all the worries and wonders in the back of my mind. I do not want to be locked up again. Minutes pass as it is now supper time. I’m so glad to be finished with my work.

“Sadie, get into the kitchen and help out. Then you may take food to your room.”
I do as I was told and soon enough it was my turn. I take as much as possible and head out to my room.
Knock. Knock, I hear at my door.
I open the door slightly, wondering who it is and why they are here at this time of night.
There stands the judge.

“Hello sir, may I ask what you need?” I ask in my sweet girls voice.

“You are a friend of Rebecca Nurse and Sarah Good are you not?”

“Oh, why yes I am.”

“I have a paper for you. It summons you to attend Miss. Rebecca’s trial, tomorrow, June 30th”. He hands me the paper and then leaves. Well, I thought, I did gather a lot of food. I think chores can wait tomorrow. I lay down in my bed and I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up with a nasty feeling in my gut. I am not ready to go to a trial for my best friend. I get dressed and brush my hair. As I go to the door I grab the handle. It rattles a bit, but it won’t open.

“You better do chores today, or this is what will happen to you.” Mrs. Woodlan yelled.
She let me out and I took off running. It didn’t matter what she thought, I was going to save my friend. I run down to the town courthouse, which is the only courthouse for miles. Behind the courthouse is where I need to be, by the jail cells and the gallows. I shiver as I walk into the jail to visit Sarah and Rebecca.

“Sadie, hello dear.”

I am greeted as soon as enter.
“Sara, Rebecca, I snuck in some bread for you if you want. It was extras from last night.” I whisper, not wanting the guards to hear.

“Sarah and I would love some. We haven’t eaten at all today. You don’t think we are witches do you?” Rebecca asks.

“Heck no, I believe the whole thing is ridiculous.”

“Hello ladies it’s time for each of your trials, Sarah you are first.” The guard explains.
Hour by hour I wait with Rebecca. It’s now her turn and I follow them to the courthouse.

I believe I’ve been here for a while now. There is something I want to know. Why are they here? By they I mean, Betty and the other girls.

“I swear I’m not a witch. Please listen to me, sir.” Rebecca said.

“Ahhhh! No! Stay away! What do you want from me? Unhhh-” Mercy fainted to the ground.

“Silence in this courtroom. What is going on?”

“Oh no, she’s going after me now too. No! Rebecca stop this witchery!” Betty proclaimed.

“What? I’m over here. I’m doing nothing.”
What is happening? I’m so confused right now. Why are they acting crazy? The judge is actually believing this.

After all this the judge claims Rebecca ‘not guilty’.

“Rebecca! You’re alright! I’m so happy, let’s get out of here.” I run up and give her a big hug.
“Alright, but first I must say one thing to the court. I have got nobody to look to but God himself, I am no witch.” Rebecca raised her arms above her head.



The afflicted girls are going into fits. What’s going on?

“Rebecca has cursed us all! She’s using her witchery on us! Stop her!”

“Hang her!”

“Don’t let her continue this!”
The girls just won’t stop! This witch stuff is nonsense. Rebecca is a plain woman with a big heart.

“Upon the recent actions of Rebecca, we have come to the conclusion that Rebecca Nurse is proved ‘Guilty’. She shall be sentenced to hang.”
What is the judge thinking? I’ve got to say something.

“Rebecca is not guilty! This is ridiculous. How is this all proof? I believe in Rebecca!” I raised my hands to hug her.


“Shut up Betty! Just stop with this stuff!” I’m furious. I want to hit her so bad.


“Sadie is bewitched also!”

“She’s coming after us!”

“These crows, where did they come from?”

“Help us, it’s the work of the devil!”
Again, these girls are nuts. I’m not a witch!

“As a result of your witchery, you too shall be sentenced to be hanged.” The judge gets up and starts to leave.

“Sirs, take these two ladies to the jail with the rest of the witches.”
I was thrown into the jail with the other ladies. All in tears, we cried. We were scared. Death? I’m only 14 and I’m being hanged. I’m not a witch. Someone help me?

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