Boudica: Warrior Queen of Britain. Part 3: Londinium and the Last battle.

November 14, 2010
By MatieKae GOLD, Strafford, Missouri
MatieKae GOLD, Strafford, Missouri
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Londinum was even more pathticly defended Camulodunum. I marched my soldiers into the city without having to kill a single Roman soldier. We looted the city of all its riches and burned it to the ground. We then encamped oursleves outside of the city and held a feast in Andraste's honor for giving us victory." Praise be to Andraste on this day," I yelled over the feasting soldiers. " But our fight is not over yet! We have one last Roman army to fight and they march closer as I speak! We will crush them under our swords and axes and then we will have cleansed our home of the scrouge that is Rome!" I raised my goblet in a toast and all the soldiers mimicked me. " For Boudica," They yelled in unison. I smiled and sat down.

The next morning the men prepeare for battle against the army of Sutonius."Drustan, how many men do we have," I asked. " About 230,000 strong," He replied. " How many romans are there?" I asked. "About 50,000," Drustan answered," We can not lose, we will overrun them." I nodded, hopefully Drustan was right.

The Romans under Suetonius were lined up at the bottom of the hill and they were surrounded by forest on all sides so we couldn't ambush them. They had thick armor and short swords. I gave the order for the men to get ready to charge, but the path down the hill was narrow so not all of the men could get down it at once. " Charge!" I yelled and began running down the hill. Many of the other soldiers passed me on the way down the hill. I watched the Roman soldiers throw something out of the corner of my eye, but I couldn't tell what they had thrown. I realized what it was all too late. " Javelins!" I yelled, but many soldiers had already fallen due to the long throwing spears. I charged forward in anger. When I reached the Roman lines I bashed against their shields and was pushed off again and again. Wave after wave of my soldiers were repelled by the Romans and it soon became a merciless slaughter. I fled back up the hill to watch and to try to think of a new strategy to fight with. The Romans were marching forward in the shape of a huge metal triangular beast that was engulfing my soldiers as if they were food. The bettle was lost, the soldiers of mine that were still alive were fleeing for their lives only to be chased down by the Romans. " Heanua, Lannosea come with me," I ordered my daughters. "Where are we going," they asked. "Home," I answered, "To join your father in the afterlife." I ran through our encampment until I found three horses. I oredered my daughters to get on the horses and to follow me until I ordered them to stop.

When we finally stopped riding we were back in my Iceni village. I rode until I reached my house and then I dismounted and went inside. I searched the shelves until I found a bottle of green-blue liquid. I embraced my daughters and then I took a drink from the bottle. My limbs went numb and I collapsed to the ground as I closed my eyes the last thing I saw was Heanua and Lannosea drinking from the same bottle. I died in despair and hopelessness. We had sacrificed everything and gained nothing.

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