Boudica: Warrior Queen of Britain. Part 2: The march on Camulodunum

November 14, 2010
By MatieKae GOLD, Strafford, Missouri
MatieKae GOLD, Strafford, Missouri
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I watched from my chariot as the army marched forward. We would reach Camulodunum by the end of the night. Addedomarus had told us that the Roman governor, called Suetonius, was away fighting on the isle of Mona. Therefore, Camulodunum was left completely undefended and it would be incredibly easy to destroy the city. " Boudica, we must hurry on and reach the city before morning," Drustan whispered. " I know," I replied, 'We don't want the Romans to know of our presence." " Speed up!" Drustan yelled to the army that was marching behind us. The armies pace increased into a steady run as my chariot increased speed. We marched at that pace for hours until at last, we reached Camulodunum. The city was a mesh of houses and mercahnt's shops and there was a giant temple built in the center of the city. We stopped marching outside of the city too prepare for battle. Every soldier was praying to Andraste for victory and painting himself with woad.

When all the men were back in formation and ready for battle I rode across the front line in my chariot with my daughters at my side. " Tonight we will have victory over the Romans!" I yelled "Tonight we will have our revenge on them for murdering our people, stealing our land, and raping our daughters!" I raised me spear in hand and let out a fierce war cry and charged toward the city in my chariot. All of the Iceni and Trinovantes followed me, letting out their own war cries as we reached the cities gates. We destroyed the gates without effort and marched into the city, killing and destroying everything Roman. I lept off of my chariot and began slaughtering the few Roman soldiers that were left in the city. As one of the soldiers fell from my sword I saw Drustan running towards me. " Queen Boudica," he said, out of breath. "Some of the Roman soldiers have ran into the temple and barred the doors. We can not get inside." I laughed harshly, "Then burn it to the ground, burn the whole city to the ground!" I grabbed a torch and started running towards the temple. When I reached it I was amazed and disgusted by the sight of it. It was built of great stone pillars and had a statue of the emporer Claudius on the steps to the temple. " Bring me a ladder," I ordered two men that were standing nearby. "Yes Boudica," they replied and ran off to find a ladder. when the men returned I ordered them to place the ladder at the side of the temple. I climbed up on top of the temple and walked around. With a torch in my hand I searched for a spot of the temple that wasn't made of stone. I looked all over the roof, but there was not anything wooden. I ducked over the edge of the roof and then I saw it. The rafters of the temple were wooden. I reached over the edge of the roof with my torch and stuck it inbetween two of the rafters and they caught fire.All of soldiers were all dancing to Andraste around the burning temple and yelling praise to her. I did not join in the dances, we had not defeated the romans yet.

I ordered all the fighting men we had to set fire to the city as we left, so that no trace of the romans would be left. We set up camp for the night right outside of the burning city. "What now?" Addedomarus asked as we sat around a makeshift fire. "We should march on Londinium next," Drustan suggested, "They are the richest Roman city in Britain and it being destroyed would surely weaken them." I nodded," Drustan is right. Without their money, how will they be able to support their army?" " It is settled then." Addedomarus and I whispered. Drustan had turned away to speak to a soldier behind him. i could not understand what they were whispering about until Drustan turned around and looked at me grimly. " A Roman legion is marching here to give Camulodunum reinforcements, apparantly 3 messengers managed to escape the city before we destroyed it." Drustan said grimly. No one said anything for a long time, we just sat around the fire trying to think of a new plan. Addedomarus interrupted my thoughts by speaking. " We could ambush the legion in the woods while they are marching here. They wouldn't expect us and our numbers would overwhelm them." Drustan and I agreed and began waking the men and preparing them to march.

We marched in the woods for a day and then we hid ourselves in the woods and waited for the Romans. The Romans marched slowly and it took them several hours to reach where we were waiting for them. When we saw them coming we ducked behind trees and bushes. I looked across the road at Addedomarus and he nodded. We were ready for battle. I waited for Addedomarus to give the signal to charge until the Romans were completely surrounded by our hidden soldiers. Addedomarus nodded at me again and then we charged. We ran through the bushes and weeds screaming war cries at the Romans. They turned around suprised by our sudden ambush and struggled to get into formation. Our soldiers fell on the Romans like how a hawk catches a mouse. I watched the slaughter with pleasure because I knew that my daughters were getting their revenge on the Romans. Heanua and Lannosea were fighting on the front lines and showing the Romans no mercy.

I laughed at the felled Roman soldiers, we had defeated them in less than an hour. "To Londinium!" I yelled to my soldiers. I jumped onto my chariot and took lead of the giant army that followed me. We were marching to Londinium, the next city to be burned.

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