Dark Times in Salem Part. 2

November 11, 2010
By Raiahzah GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
Raiahzah GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
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“SADIE! You dang child. It’s after sunrise, now get up. SADIE!” Mrs. Woodlan never forgets to wake me from my slumber. I get up and I start to do my chores.
“Sadie, why hello there darling. Your garden is awfully beautiful this day.”
“Rebecca Nurse. Hello to you too. Did you bring us some herbs for Mr. Woodlan today?”
“Why of course, I could never forget him.” She hands me the herbs. Rebecca is our neighbor across the lane. She is the nicest person you could ever know. She may be in her 70’s, but she is one of my closest friends. She turns to leave and she waves ‘goodbye’. I see Sarah Good, my other neighbor, walking down to town. I know she doesn’t have much money. Her last husband left her in incredible debt. I ran to my bed and dug under the covers. I pulled out a loaf of bread that I had taken from Mrs. Woodlan’s kitchen. I ran back to the fence and looked for her.
“Hey Sarah! I have something for you!” I yelled.
I hear a horse running and I also see what looks like a cage? Wait. It’s an open carriage with chains on the sides. I see Sarah. Someone is handing her a piece of paper. I see Rebecca too. I see another carriage carrying Susannah Martin, Elizabeth Howe, and Sarah Wilds. The two men in charge of the carriage jump down and take Rebecca and Sarah.
“Hey!” I yelled, running up to them, “ What are you doing? These are good people. Where are you taking them?”
“The witch, Tituba, has charged these women with witchcraft. We shall not have witches tormenting our villages.” The man from the carriage said.
“Witches? Excuse me, but these are good women. How could they possibly be witches?” I was confused. First off I’ve only heard about witches from the girls in the forest, and second what do they have to do with it. The men chain Rebecca and Sarah to the carriage and thy start to drive off.
“Rebecca, Sarah! NO!” I scream. Panic fills my blood as the carriage drives away.
“Don’t worry Sadie!” Sarah yells.
“We’ll be fine.” Rebecca added.
I watch the carriage until it disappears over the horizon. I don’t get it, and I don’t think I ever will. Confusion fills my head as I turn to see Betty and the others.
“Oh it seems that there are witches in Salem.” One says
“My, my, what are we to do?” Another replies.
“That Sadie girl looks suspicious to me. Maybe she too is a witch.” Betty says and they laugh as they walk away.
I slowly fall to the ground as my body feels weak. Now I’m a witch? What is going on with Salem?

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