November 4, 2010
By blood BRONZE, St.Helens, Oregon
blood BRONZE, St.Helens, Oregon
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only the dead know the end of war


“Up the beach! Up the beach!”
People were screaming every where, but why? Really there is not a lot you can do when there are 50 caliber bullets flying at you. There is nowhere to run and hide. So I do what my instincts tell me too I run as fast as I can up the beach. This is so stupid. I see one of my men go down with a hole in his leg and another with his arms blown off. And another, and another they just keep dying. “Ahhh!” I scream as I jump to the sand wall for what little protection that can be provided. I put my hands on my ears to try to drown out the screams, but I can’t fell my ears! “Oh Cr*p” I think trying to feel my ears then I remember that I’m wearing a helmet and relax about that. I look around and there is no one on the beach, their all dead! I’m the only one left on the God forsaken beach.
“Hello.” Someone says from behind me in a sinister voice. I look up at him, Japanese solider. He grabs a long knife from his belt and puts it on his rifle. I want to run but I can’t. I can’t move my body at all. He jumps over the sand wall and stabs me in the gut with the bayonet over and over. I’m screaming with pain. I find and grab my pistol but it doesn’t fire. I drop it and continue to get stabbed.
I wake up screaming my head off

The author's comments:
This is a dream that my great grandfather had the day before he died on a island some where in japan during world war 2

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