Dark Times in Salem Part. 1

November 4, 2010
By Raiahzah GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
Raiahzah GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
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It was late June here in Salem. The sun nice and hot, wind and shade giving places to cool off. Salem was a lovely small village, until I figured something out. My name is Sadie Woodlan. Earlier in the day I heard some girls talking, telling each other to spread the news. What news? I’m but a mere servant girl to the Woodlan family. That girl, Betty Parris, is one of the many who hate me. They all think I’m a horrible person because I live in a separate small, shack-like building near the Woodlans. Now it’s dusk out and I’m going to the woods were I heard about the ‘spells’ that Betty and the other girls are doing with that Tituba lady. If I were them I wouldn’t trust her. Not only because her skin is a darker color, but because she’s very weird. She put a ‘spell’ on a lady down the lane because her cow got out of the pasture and stomped on her herbs.

I look around the woods and all the girls are chanting something. They are sitting in a circle, I feel as if I’m the only normal person here. The chanting started to get louder and I had to cover my ears. Tituba has started to yell and she throws something into the fire. I wonder what they are doing. I hear a rustling noise behind me and I start to freak out. My breath starts to get heavy and I want to know what’s behind me.
“BOOO!” I scream and turn around to see Betty and Abigail.
“Why did you do that? Wait, where are your clothes? Don’t you know it’s wrong to show your skin, and why di-” I try to ask questions when Betty covers my mouth.
“Don’t you know it’s wrong to ask so many things? It’s not any of your business. Go back to were you belong, in front of a butter churner.” Mercy Lewis shoved me backwards and made me fell onto something slimy. I got up and ran to the river to wash up and get clean. I dried off then went off to bed.

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