Skittles Creation Story

November 4, 2010
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At the beginning of time on an open field there lived the Zumbobway family. There was Mr. and Mrs. Zumbobway, who owned the entire field, and their two twin sons, Huey and Duey. Their father trained the boys to be the best archers in the land so they could protect their family’s land from invaders when their father would grow too old to protect it himself. Everyday, the boys’ father would train them. They would wake up early in the morning run 10 miles as a warm up, then start shooting arrows at targets. After 15 years of training, the twins became better archers than their father. Then their father died, and the boys started to defend their land. They shot at the wolves and bears that came onto the land and ate them for dinner. The twins shot people who invaded to take over the land. After 10 years, Huey grew jealous of Duey because he had killed more animals and people than Huey had. Huey then started to show signs that he hated his brother, but his brother never suspected anything.

After a rainy morning, the boys picked up their weapons from the porch to guard the land. Huey then told Duey how he felt about him, and Duey didn’t take it well. He quickly grabbed an arrow from his bag and tried to kill Huey. Huey dodged the shot and started to run out into the open toward the giant rainbow in the sky. As Duey tried to shoot again, he grabbed the arrow off the ground that he shot before. It was kind of slippery when Duey lined it up to the bow. When he shot the arrow, his fingers slipped and the arrow sailed toward the rainbow up in the sky. The arrow hit the rainbow so hard, that it burst open and small colorful bits came out. The brothers were scared and didn’t know what to do. They grabbed a handful and smelled them. They smelled good so they ate a piece. The colorful bits were sweet and sugary, and the twins liked them. They went out and told the people of the village that they had tasted the rainbow. They named the candy Skittles.

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