Creation of Rain

November 4, 2010
By , Bayou Goula, LA
In the beginning, there were no humans that roamed the Earth. Only a man who sat at the Throne of the Sky existed. His name was MasterAqua. His days grew long and lonely, and he could never figure out his purpose in life. All day and all night, he would watch a huge dirt sphere slowly rotate while never stopping. One day he decided to experiment with his powers. MasterAqua clapped as hard as he could. With this appeared a woman on the earth. He had never seen woman, but felt a sensation of joy at the sight of her being. He ascended her into the sky where he questioned her existence. All she knew was that she was sent to populate the world. MasterAqua promised he would help as long as she stayed with him forever. The next day, the woman was to bear a child. The two gave birth to a son. Her name was now Mother and the child was named Marine. MasterAqua descended his son onto the earth to build people and animals out of clay. Each person that was created had the duty of creating more man and animals. Over time the world became densely populated. To survive, the people needed crops to farm. They couldn’t eat the animals because they would become extinct fast. Since there was no food, Mother asked MasterAqua to send down seeds. Marine and his people worked very hard to plant all the seeds so that they would be ready to grow. Days and days passed and nothing happened. Marine was confused as to why the plants would not grow. Many people were dying because they had nothing to eat. Animals were also dying and not reproducing. In the Sky, Mother was becoming very old and could not care for her world any longer. The next morning, Mother died. MasterAqua was so upset because Mother had promised to stay with him forever, but now she was gone. He ordered Marine to bury Mother in the center of the field where all the seeds had been buried. MasterAqua had never experienced the feeling of such sadness until Mother died. He felt a tingling in his heart that brought swelling to his eyes. He was terrified because he had no idea what was happening to him. All of a sudden, a vibrant blue fluid poured out the eyes of MasterAqua. It fell from the sky and showered over the earth. The people had no idea what was coming down from the sky. This liquid covered the entire ground and seeped into the dirt. The earth shook, and with one huge blast, all the seeds sprouted and created every variety of plant ever imagined. The people finally grew food. Everyone rejoiced at the sight of all the crops that could now feed the earth and it’s creatures. But, there was one special tree that emerged from the ground. It was the tree of life that was fertilized from the body of Mother. This tree could make all things possible and was the very center of Earth. There was now harmony between the people and animals because they could feed off of each other without one species dying off. The world was now perfect, but there was still loneliness in the sky. Every time MasterAqua thought of Mother, he would mourn for her loss and cry over the world. When this happened, it would rain and the crops would be replenished with moisture. The world benefitted from his mourning. He benefitted from the happiness he acquired from the success of his earth.

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