Leah Winter

October 26, 2010
As Leah awoke she had no memory. No memory of who she was, or where she was from. "Leah my love." She heard a soft, but firm voice whisper into the early dawn. "Oh, how I have awaited your awakening. For I feared you shall never awake."
"Wha-wher?" Leah began but was so rudely interrupted.
"Sssh." The mysterious stranger went on. "You must rest"
"But..." She stammered on anyway. "I need you to tell me about myself, and you. What is your name?"
"Damien." The man said in a dishearted tone. "My name is Damien, and you..." He whispered as he layed his rough, cold hand upon Leah's cheek. "You are Leah Winter. Born on a cold misty night in July. The 17th to be exact." He added with a smirk that Leah couldn't quite understand. "You are the king's daughter; the rightful owner of Fereldan. And I, shall help you prove it."

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