The Creation of Music

October 28, 2010
By DustinSimoneaux BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
DustinSimoneaux BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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The creation of music is something that most people forget to mention along with their creational stories. Music is lyrical expression composed into a song. There is music and there is talking with an instrumental in the background it all depends on how the lyrics roll off of one’s tongue.

In the beinning of time there were 3 animals the phoenix, the lizard, and the tiger. The phoenix believed in the magic and fluidity of the air. The tiger believed in using brute force in order to receive what he wanted, and the lizard believed in expressing his emotions. Each animal lived in it’s own seperated sanctuary in which they can practice their qualities. The phoenix lived high above the desert in the plateaus. The tiger lived in the humid jungle surroundede by lush trees and streams. The lizard lived inside of a sequoia tree within the forest.

One day while scavenging, the phoenix saw the lizard dragging leaves into his tree for bedding. The phoenix swooped down to eat the lizard. On his way down, he decided he would ask the lizard what he was doing before he consumed him. So the phoenix began to lower his altitude to speak to the lizard. The phoenix asked the lizard what he was doing, the lizard replied “I’m making bedding, I have cold blood!” The phoenix then said, “Why? You’re about to die anyway.” The lizard then told the phoenix to let him sing for him and if he enjoyed the music then he would be spared and the phoenix could attack some other creature of the forest.

As the lizard began to sing, the phoenix was preparing his mouth for the taste of the lizard. The notes began to follow one after another in rhythm as the lizard sang. The phoenix then decided he did not want to eat such a beautiful creature. After thsis happened the lizard and phoenix began to be friends, and travelled together around the world.

One day while in South America, the lizard and phoenix stopped at some ruins in the jungle to give the phoenix’s wings a rest from the rough winds. While resting, the phoenix caught aglimpse of a shadow moving across the ground from behind them. As the two turned around they were met face to face with a grinning feline. The tiger who ruled the jungle stood before them, preparing himself for a meal.

As the two were about to be pounced the lizard began to sing. As the lizard sang the tiger’s urge to attack was subsided. The tiger then asked what beautiful noise the lizard made, the lizard replies “Music is relaxing, over the years I’ve spent time developing my vocal cords, because I knew one day, I would find a way to make co-existence of creatures capable. The tiger then thanked the lizard for the new look on life, and they became the “3 Woodland Muskateers”

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