Ghostly happenings in Charleston

October 26, 2010
By Anonymous

“Today’s letter is s” said one of the sesame street puppets, as Dmitri was watching while waiting for the other members of his band to arrive. He plays guitar in a band called “For Spacious Skies” with 4 other guys who just so happened to be behind schedule. “S is for really slow” yelled Dmitri. He got up to check the clock and make sure he had all his gear packed, enough for a week, because Jimmy, the bands lead singer, said that he had a gig and a surprise for the rest of them. Hearing a big van pulling into the drive way Dmitri took off for the garage door to let everyone in.

“Hey dude what’s up, got any eats?” asked the bassist, Thurgood.

“Yea in the pantry, we can get something on the road though” Replied Dmitri.

“Nice car” laughed Viktor at Dmitri’s’ 1950 geo.
The guys were all there getting settled, Dmitri (guitar), Viktor (drummer), Thurgood (bassist), Jimmy (lead singer and guitar), Carl (keyboard). As they got ready to leave they found out where they were going for their gig.
“Our gig is a 10 hour drive to Charleston, South Carolina.” Said Jimmy “It’s for a Halloween party in one of the squares, only two other bands are playing though and the gas and stuffs paid for along with $250 pay out for each of us!”

“Holy crap that’s definitely good for us” Said Dmitri.

“Yea that’s what I thought” Bragged Jimmy, remembering “hey guys we are scheduled to be their until Wednesday, so we don’t have to leave until tomorrow, get to a hotel then wake up and get ready to play.”

“So I guess we’re crashing here tonight?” asked Carl.

“Sure” replied Dmitri “it gives me time to load up my guitar and amp and stuff.”
As everyone went down to the basement to mess around and sleep and wait until early tomorrow to leave. “Hey Thurgood look at this, its a little horror collection” said Viktor pulling out a bunch of old DVD’s and horror story books.

“Yea I remember these they used to scare the pants off me, but now they’re just a bunch of crap now” laughed Thurgood.

“Oh yea” said Viktor in a mocking tone, “let’s see after a scare-a-thon, like the old days, let’s see who wets their pants first.”

“Bring it” replied Thurgood and the rest of the band as if accepting a challenge.

For the rest of the night they watch the most classic and scary movie they had, including the Saw saga, Nightmare on Elms Street, and Haunting in Connecticut. They also read a few stories and looked up to see if Charleston might have some scares, and so it happens they had plenty enough to excite them. There were stories of people getting murdered all over the town, graveyard hauntings and the famed Duelers’ alley.

“Man I can’t wait to get there now, see if we can up root some undead” exclaimed Dmitri.

“Tell me about it. Now we have to find some way to sleep after all those stories, they freaked me out” said Jimmy glancing over at the clock, “and we have to leave in 6 hours being that it’s 4 O’clock in the morning.”

So all the guys fell asleep and had nightmares about Charleston and other places of horror that they watched.

The next day the guy woke up not saying much most of them white as a ghost getting breakfast and getting ready for the drive to Charleston.

The guys being from Pennsylvania have seen some scary places, but nothing has prepared them for the horror of Charleston at night.

Jimmy was driving as they pulled in one of the motels and booked 2 rooms, they all went to Ihop and talked about their nightmares. “Jimmy did you dream about all the dead people and the marsh demons, it really freaked me out” quaked Carl.
“Yea I had nightmares just like that” yelled Viktor and Dmitri almost simultaneously.
“Oh come on it’s just a bunch of dreams that scare 3 year olds” scolded Jimmy
And so they continued that day out to the town square to set up and play a show in an hour, Viktor, Thurgood and Dmitri went out to shop. They had bought a lot by the time that it had began to get dark so the three of them were walking back to the square to begin the show in a little while when they began hearing the music of a jazz trumpet. They were seemingly walking towards it but could see no one around, they began to quicken their pace, maybe cause by the dreams they had the night before. All of a sudden a little dog started yipping as they walked by a small bed and breakfast, as an old woman appeared yelling at the dog. As the band members looked upon her she let out one of the most vicious shrieks any of them have heard.
“Run” screamed Dmitri as they all darted down the street back to the square.
Once they got there they were out of breath and lat to the Halloween concert and they were supposed to be playing, Jimmy came running, yelling at them, “What the heck, you guy were supposed to be back 10 minutes ago, where were you?”
“We were out shopping when all the ghosts and creepy things came out” stuttered Viktor.
“Well let’s go, we will discuss this later, Carl’s waiting, and the audience” exclaimed Jimmy.
They began the show which wasn’t as good as it would have been if Viktor, Thurgood and Dmitri hadn’t scared as little girls just now. But the audience gave a good reaction to the scream for the Halloween concert. After the show was over jimmy asked what happen and they explained it to him, still jimmy didn’t believe him so they went to look up one of the Night Historical Horse Rides. Jimmy went in to talk to one of the guides.
“Hello my friends just said the saw ghost and we’ve read online that there are haunted places here, could that be true?” asked Jimmy.
“Hahaha, another person claiming to be haunted, well of course it’s entirely possible, depending on your beliefs, to encounter an apparition especially in this city, one of America’s oldest. There are many sightings of them here” explained the Tour guide.
“Well I still don’t believe you” spouted Jimmy at the rest of the band in frustration.
So they started to walk home and take a short cut through an alley back to the hotel, on the sign that mistakenly no one saw on the way in was “Dueler’s Alley”. They began walking through when a gust of wind caught them off guard with cool shivers.
“See everything’s creepy” mumbled Viktor.
As they were walking Jimmy suddenly started walking and counting from one to ten and when he got to ten he turned on his heel and drew an old 1800 style pistol and fired. He was possessed by an old dueler who had died.
“Run” yelled Dmitri at the others who hadn’t died, because the bullet had hit Viktor in the neck and killed him then kept going hitting Carl in the chest.
Dmitri and Thurgood never saw Jimmy again and went back home the next day.

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