upon a midsummer's night

October 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Wake up. Constance wake up! Constance! Constance woke with a start. Much to her alarm her roommate Emily was already dressed. The first thought that went through her head was “dear god I’ve slept in again. Of course Emily didn’t give her any time to think. All at once layers of clothing, ribbons and shoes were being thrown her way. “We must hurry Constance all of the other ladies in waiting are already with the queen” Constance hurriedly put her hair up as Emily laced her in. “Emily what time is? What is going on?” shoes on and out the door hastily following Emily down the long dark hallways. “Emily, Emily! What ever is happening that it can not wait until morning!” Emily stopped and turned to look at Constance with a frightened face.” Oh Constance, do you remember the wonderful play we went to see with the queen the other night?” Constance instantly felt un at ease she grasped Emily’s hands “oh Emily it can’t be not master Shakespeare…” Emily looked at her friend knowing that her greatest hero was waiting for her, kneeling in shackles in front of her majesty. For what she didn’t know “c’mon Constance we must hurry before the queen turns her furry to us. They both rushed to the main hall. Constance weekend at the knees when she saw her beloved playwright surrounded by guards bowing his head before the furious queen. “Your majesty this man is guilty of high treason and attempted murder. He was caught in a plot against her majesty’s life.” The head guard bowed while glancing over at the horrified face of Constance while Emily pulled her to her position beside the queen. The queen’s hair seemed to catch fire when she heard the accusation “is this true master Shakespeare?!” the queen roared as she rose to her feet. “I know nothing therefore I can say nothing your majesty.” Constance gasped she had never heard anyone speak to the queen in such a manner. The queen turned bright scarlet “take him to the tower! He is to be executed two days hence!” the queen knocked over a goblet of wine as she left in a whirlwind of furry. As the Constance of wine spilled over Katherine and the goblet came to rest at Shakespeare’s feet as he was taken off to the tower Constance knew that she had to do something. All of the ladies in waiting hurried out escaping the queen by quietly returning to their rooms to wait until dawn. Each worried and tiered head fell to their pillows no one noticed Constance quietly sneak out of the room, out of the palace and into the dark streets of London.

Constance looked up to the great looming structure in front of her. It was the globe she said a silent prayer that she had made it here safe. She took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. She winded her way through the seats and into the balcony over looking the stage. She figured that no one would be up here at this time of night. She carefully turned the corner to enter the back room. A small gasp mistakenly escaped when she saw a figure pacing back and forth mumbling to itself. She could distinctly make out the words “ would you like some wine sir? Oh please do sit down by the fire…” Constance stepped back into the shadows but to her dismay the room echoed a lowed groan of the shifting floorboards. The figure hastily turned to the direction Constance was standing in. “who’s there?” no reply “come on if you don’t come out I’ll call the men!” Constance stepped put of the shadows and immediately tried to stifle a giggle. There was a boy about her age dressed in women’s clothing. “ My dear boy I do believe you are confused. I the dark you must have put on the wrong garments.” The boy rolled his eyes and pointed a dirty finger at her. “If you must know I was practicing’ all the young actors have to do it. I want to get the role. I have to be a lady before I can be a man!” at that Constance couldn’t stand it anymore she burst out laughing. “ All right all right stop your laughing before you wakes everyone up. Anyway what are you doing up here?” Constance immediately stopped laughing. She took a deep breath and lowered her head “ Master Shakespeare is to be executed for high treason and attempted murder of the queen. I came here to prove otherwise. I know he’s innocent” the boy looked horrified at the news. “ We have to do something! C’mon I have to get out of this costume or I’ll be fined for walking around with it. Name’s robin by the way.” “Constance”. The team quietly sped down the stairs to the costume area. “ So I presume you’re an actor.” Robin turned and smiled briefly “ I soon hope to be. That’s why I was practicing’” Constance gave a quizzical look “well If you do want to be an actor who should probably learn to speak proper English” when they reached the bottom of the steps robin Turned and asked “and who are you to know of proper en…” robin grabbed Constance’s arm and pulled her under the stairs. “What in god’s name are you doing!” robin shushed her and pointed to across the room. Two men had entered. The first man that walked in looked very lowly a bad peddler at best however when the second man walked in she had to suppress a gasp of terror. It was the master of revels. Robin equally knew who the man was but did not realize his importance in his masters undoing. As the master of revels sat down the poor one extended his hand. “The money you owe me sir. The deed is done Shakespeare will soon be dead.” The master of revels gave the man a small purse. “This is only half you promised me 400!” the master of revels casually looked away. “ That my good man is because you only did half the job. You were to get the queen killed as well as Shakespeare. It’s ridiculous you know to have a queen on the throne.” The poor man shook with rage. He was about to yell at the master of revels but he was cut short “Come, come don’t be as foolish as Shakespeare I beg of you” both men laughed at this remark. That was all Constance could take, she ran out from hiding and knocked the masters of revels out with a shield. Before she could run away the other man grabbed her delicately putting a knife to her throat. “Well what do we have here a lady in waiting out here all on her own? Pity we can’t have you telling on us now can we. It’s a shame really you would have made a lovely bride to the master of revels I’m sure.” Just as he was about to slit her thought the man gave a great breath and slowly fell to the floor. There stood robin pulling the bloody sword from the man’s back.

When the queen heard what happened she immediately released Shakespeare and gave him full pardon. The Master of revels was executed the following day in place of Shakespeare and the whole court was present cheering on the executioner. As for robin he was given a role true to his name in Shakespeare’s new play. A midsummer’s night dream.

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