The House of Seven Gables

September 24, 2010
“Those seven perfectly pointed arcs make this the best feature of his mansion, don’t you think?” he said gently.
“I absolutely agree. I still cannot believe that it’s all mine.” She replied in a hushed tone.
I have been coming to this house since I was young. This was my second home; it still holds many memories of mine. I cannot comprehend the fact that this house has been standing here since 1668. John Turner was a very lucky man to have held his position in this house for over three generations, but afterwards, my cousin Ingersoll claimed her possession on the house. When I first feast my eyes on this house, I knew this was going to be the best part of my childhood.
This house motivated me to do many things. Every time I visited this place, my imagination felt as if it was expanding, and taking in new things. The breath taking architecture and features stand out very prominently. The most significant features are the seven pointed gables on each side of the house, all carved to perfection. My favorite part every time I visited was taking the long steps up the flight of stairs. On each step you could hear the wood wiggling underneath your footsteps and the creaking of the stairs, leading you to the mysterious rooms above.

Having accomplished many things here, I was proud that a few of my writings had been published. The Scarlet Letter, my most famous novel, was penned in this house. This story was one of my favorite writings pieces. Also I wrote my first novel in this exact spot, The House of Seven Gables. This house was not very far from my own. My house lies right across the street from this marvelous residence.
Years later, in 1908, the house was sold to Caroline E. Emmerton, the present founder of the Association of Seven Gables. She has remodeled the house into a complete museum for tourist and field trips. This location is open weekdays and weekends from 9 am to 3 pm. The House of Seven Gables is still the oldest standing mansion in Salem, MA, holding many valuable items and memories, this place is a must see.

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