MIT Vignette: The Life of an MIT Student

September 24, 2010
Today is my first day at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In many ways this is a new starting point to my life. Hopefully I be able to forget about my past, that I wish won’t come back ever again. My favorite part of my new college is the different types of people, not just races, here. My first class is theoretical Physics at 9:00 am. I am so excited for my first day of college. As I walked through the campus of MIT searching the Whitaker Building, I could feel myself connecting with the history and the present of this legendary place. After about twenty minutes of wandering aimlessly through the campus, I finally come across the building, but yet I am still fifteen minutes early.
After my first class I strolled my way up through the many thousand chairs in the hall up to my teacher, Dr. Watson, to get to know him. I had to step over all the books and other papers, just so I could get to him. So far my first day has been great, but I still have one class left today, micro photonics. My class is in room 12. I have made a couple friends already. I have been invited to a party tonight for starting college again. I can’t wait.
I just finished my micro photonics class. Micro photonics is the most interesting thing I have learned about in my whole life, because it deals with non-conducting materials that can make a perfect mirror of something. As soon as I left that hall I was I was going to major in micro photonics in the future. I can’t wait till my next micro photonics class on Thursday.

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