Black Tea Dumping

September 24, 2010
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The bitter fresh air hits my face as I sprint from the meeting house to Griffin’s Wharf, where three ships filled with tea lie. Adrenaline runs through us all, we could just taste the freedom already. This defiant act will teach those awful British not to tax our tea! We call our group of rule breakers the Sons of Liberty. I glance to my right to see about ten other men dressed as I, dressed as Mohawk Indians. Multi-colored feathers waft in the wind, and our buffalo hide drapes across our backs. Excitement builds, as we sprint towards the three ships: Dartmouth, Beaver, and Eleanor. From a distance, I can see wives and children watching from fogged windows.

Together, we board the slightly chipped wooded ships. Not acting suspicious at all, we go straight to the storage rooms. A group, including me, went for one storage room on the bottom deck of the ship. Strong smells of herbs hit our noses as we scatter down the crooked wood steps. It alone had over 50 crates of black tea. Quickly, we start busting them open and throwing them in the ocean. Each time the arctic water splashes us, we catch another burst of energy. After three long hours, the Tea was fully dumped in the harbor. Next, we took off our shoes and threw them in the water as well. That Night, December 16, 1773, will live in our memories for ever, and so will the brave Sons of Liberty.

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