With One Last Shot

September 24, 2010
By chicamesha102 BRONZE, KC, Kansas
chicamesha102 BRONZE, KC, Kansas
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The waves pushed and shoved the powerful USS Constitution as she fought through the tangled sea. Our mighty flag soared and the sky was set in a misty haze hung like a damp blanket. With one deep breath my lungs filled with the salty air, but my heart overflowed with sorrow and fear as I overlooked the sea. Numerous days had gone by since I had left the land I call home. I was longing for the day that I get to see my family once again.
As the breeze whispered I knew what was coming. The fog parted and there, imbedded in the great blue sea, a ship floated. It was the ship of Guerriere. The feeling of war was upon us. In ultimate shock my only instinct was to go warn the crew.
“Wake up!” I yelled. “The ship of Guerriere has declared war. Ready the cannons and gather your muskets.”
The boom of the cannons echoed throughout the ship as the Guerriere shot furiously. The ship endured not much damage but with every shot she began to grow weaker. Overwhelming smoke from the muskets filled the air but in the distance the ship of Guerriere slowly began to burry itself in the deep blue waters. We all cheered in victory as we lowered our muskets, but one last shot was fired before the Guerriere ship went down in flames. My body went numb, and then everything began to fade. Struggling to breathe, my body helplessly hit the ground. There was nothing I could do. I simply closed my eyes; then everything went dark.

The author's comments:
It is about the USS Constitution

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