When the Sun Went Black

July 28, 2010
By Ivoryeli BRONZE, Hessmer, Louisiana
Ivoryeli BRONZE, Hessmer, Louisiana
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When the sun went black no one ever knows what to do. The sun is black! The sun is dead! Death is among us! Cried many people shove passed my mom and I in town panicking. There was death all around us. We heard screams and cries of our family, friends, neighbors and strangers. We didn't look back; afraid of what might be waiting for us. The smell of death is in the air and a chill made its way on mom's skin. I was too young to understand at this point of life. I didn't know what happened exactly till it was too late. A man whom is homeless ran up to my mom and I. He has worn rags like he always did and when we looked at his skin. He has large black zits looking things. My mother paled. "Ms…Help its hurts." He gasped out to mom after that he coughed up. He coughed up blood and then mom screamed. She jerked me backward and we both ran for some kind of cover.

"Mama, why didn't we help the poor man? Aren't we supposed to help each other in life? What is he sick of?" I asked questions like any normal child would ask in this spot. We continue to run for the hills. My legs hurt. My breathing is hard. My chest is hurting, why couldn't mom slow down? "Darling, the poor man doesn't need help from us. Jesus will help him most than all of us. The man have…He have cancer."

My face twisted, "Cancer? Then he's g-going to die?"

There was no answer and even if I was still a child I knew it wasn't cancer. It was something more horrible than cancer. The sky filled with black puffs of smoke with the mixture of gasoline.

The world is falling part.

The world is falling apart in front of my mom and I eyes. Then an old tree came falling down in front of us making us stop running.

Dear Dairy,

My name is Emma Rickman and I'm 9 years old in the year of 1920. I think.

The sun went out today…

People screamed,

Mom's says that they had cancer, but I think… What is that P word again? It's the Plague? I heard Daddy talked about it all the time. Where is Daddy anyway? Mom doesn't want to tell me.

The author's comments:
The Plague inspired me to write this, and I wonder what would a little girl think of this, so I wrote it down. I don't believe that the Plague had ever hit New York City. The Plague had hit England and traveled down to China, killing millions of people.

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on Aug. 24 2010 at 9:29 pm


So there are quite a few grammatical errors.... and your comments about this are actually incorrect... the plague originated in China and spread to the west (were england is). It did not ONLY aaffect England but MANY other places as well, and it spread through travelers  and traders (largely from those traveling on the Silk Road)

Hope this helps


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