A Genocide Neglected

July 18, 2010
Their terrified eyes gazed at the white figures standing in front them. Staring at the dirty pale faces glaring back at them. Those figures that had marched across the land armed to the teeth and declared the land theirs. Some were desperate others were greedy but they all joined together like a pack of wolves eager to hunt for the gold hidden in the land and water.

How could skin so white hide the evil in their hearts? They pushed aside the people who toiled the land for centuries and those who stood tall were brutally cut down. Hundred of thousands of Native Americans lived before their coming and almost all died after.

They died for the natural treasures in their lands and for the comfort of the greedy. They died at the hands of specters, ignored and unwanted. Enslaved and forced to walk miles upon miles their only destination death. Genocide of generations of people, one of America’s greatest crimes committed by thousands and ignored by many.

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