saving the buffalo

June 24, 2010
By fishnr14 BRONZE, Raymond, Ohio
fishnr14 BRONZE, Raymond, Ohio
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"bang!" we all stopped playing and splashing in the creek. we looked to the hilll where the shot had come from
"bang!" we kept our eyes on the hill
"bang!" why would anyone be wasting so much ammo? i though
"bang!" "jack, lets crawl up that hill and see whos shootin'."
"bang!" i nodded my head and we waded halfway through the creek towards the hill
"bang!" thomas and i crawled up to the top of the hill and sat upright, there in the valley below ,hundreds ,thousands of buffalo rose up against the prarie, i gasped, i never seen so many in my life, but then
"bang!" one of the buffalo dropped to the ground thomas and i both gasped,
"jack! none of the other buffalo even flinched!" thomas said urgently
"i know!" i told him "they will have to whole herd dimolished if the buffalo dont move!"
"bang!" another one fell, but not on the ground, on its calf!
"jack! we have to do somthing" thomas yelled at me but i was already ahead of him, i jumped up and ran as fast as i could to the bawling calf.
"jack!" thomas's voice faded behind me as i ran and neiled to the calf. i tried to yank the mother off the calf by desperatley pulling her legs but she was so heavy, it was to late, the calf was sufficated. i couldnt watch this any longer, i ran back to thomas
"we need to get the horses and herd the buffalo away from the shooters fast". we didnt waste anytime, we ran across the creek and through the woods along the trail that led from the cabin too the creek , we reached our cabin. we didnt have anytime to explainto ma or pa why we were gasping for air we just had to get the horses. we dashed back the way we came.
"bang!" the shooting was in ear shot now but now there was more rapid fire! more people were shooting now
"bang! bang! bang!" we reached the creek,and dashed up the hill. once we reached the top we looked down

"i will charge straight into the herd to scare them " i told thomas "you go to the right edge and keep them from going towards the shooters" we nodded at each other than took our positions, i watched for thomas to reach the riight side, then i charged down the hill. i didnt even get into the herd when they started running. at first it was slow, then their hooves made a thunderous noise.they were running toward thomas "no no no!" the plan was going wrong, thomas couldnt herd ten thousand buffalo by himself!
"bang bang bang!" i ran out of the buffalo herd and waited 20 minutes for herd to end. when the roaring of hoofs stoppped, there were no shots, no bawling of calfs, only silence. i shut my eyes and sucked in a long breath of hot dusty air. i rode over to where thomas was. but the only thing i could see was a gleam off of somthing white in the grass. i ran over to it and it was thomas with his horse, lying right beside him. thomas's body was mangled from being trampled. his horse, died of a diffrent cause. gunshot wounds. the shooters shot the horse and then thomas fell off and was trampled. i layed beside him crying, only thinking that earlier today we watched as animals were dieing , and now he was the one to die so that the buffalo could live. it was dusk now and my cheeks were wet and salty and i was hungry and parched from lying beside thomas in the sun all day. then i could hear my parents calling for me and thomas from the top of the hill. i waved my hand so that they!
could see me and what thomas looked like after saving the buffalo

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