Colors of the USA

June 19, 2010
Red is for the blood of the soldiers. Shot at and wounded, dead, and in pain. Legs and arms cut off. Lying on the little cot, barely alive. Hiding behind the tree, watching his friends get shot at, but he does not dare move. Fore he could be next. The next one barely alive, the next one dead, the next one for anything.
Blue is for the tears that get shed. Loved ones going off to war. Letters from home and loving family photos make him cry. Tears shed when they find out he is dead, gone, deceased, never to be seen again. The tears he sheds when he sees his best friend, beside him all these years, gets shot down. Sadly he is no longer here either.
White is for the freedom you have. Freedom of speech and of religon. Freedom for you, you have a right. This freedom you would not have if was not for red and blue. These strong and beloved soldiers, gave their life for YOU! Their familys shed so many tears, waiting for the soon return. Your freedom may not seem like very much to you. But I'm sure someone somewhere would be happy to be you. Without the red and without the blue, there would be no white, and yes that means you.

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ForeverknownasCheyenne said...
Jul. 2, 2010 at 11:47 pm
Haha i REALLY love this. I Love it so much. This is something that really touches you're heart, warmes you up inside. You did an amazing job in this piece. I would love to hear you're thoughts on my pieces, even though they are not Historical.
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