The Confessions of Robert T. Odeman - October 13th, 1940

June 15, 2010
Entry 6:

I've stopped seeing you now, Muli -- which is quite a beneficial sign -- for if it were a lie, Id truly be going bender. Then again, the nightmares are getting worse, Muli -- every night they get worse. But each is the same -- the bench I'm sitting on; the pain spreading throughout my hand; the keys beneath my fingertips.

They've become so real -- so vivid; I can hardly tell it from reality. Until I wake up that is, which by then I'm scared and alone, hopelessly believing your still here -- trapped somewhere, struggling
to stay alive.

But each one's worse, Muli. The unmistakable pain rises; spreads throughout my soul -- my body. And there's nothing I can do; not a single thing.

Though I feel as if the dream must mean something -- something gravely important, perhaps a precognition of the life I have yet to live-- or nothing more than a dream.

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