The Confessions of Robert T. Odeman - February 6th, 1940

June 15, 2010
Entry 7:

I am a free man now, Muli; once again after 27 torturous months. Olga has given me a place to stay, and we've decided on a conclusion.

Olga and I have decided to clear the public as being a couple, but in reality we have no such relationship. Of course, doing so will not only give me insight on the world around me, but also enable me to hear music once more.

Everything seems to be back to normal now -- well, almost-- I still have to be careful, for the Gestapo have put me under the order of Berufsverbot. Although, even after so long, I still wish you were here, Muli -- you'd be able to make things right; more so than Olga could ever manage.

Of course, now it's been eight years since you left, but I still don't believe you're truly gone. And so, in spite of everything Olga had said, I shall keep looking for you Muli, I will; I promise I will.

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