the unknown world of mythology

June 15, 2010
By jay-dizzle BRONZE, Philmont, New York
jay-dizzle BRONZE, Philmont, New York
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Most scientists believe that the Earth was formed though a process called accretion which is the first and most common is the growth of a massive object by gravitationally attracting more matter, typically gaseous matter in an accretion disc. Accretion discs are common around smaller stars or stellar remnants in a close binary, or black holes in the centers of spiral galaxies. Some dynamics in the disc are necessary to allow orbiting gas to lose angular momentum and fall onto the central massive object. Occasionally, this can result in stellar surface fusion. Shortly after the formation of the sun, orbiting rocky objects collided and compressed together forming planets. According to the story told through the eyes of Jargenot, the earth formed millions of years ago when Jargenot was on Mount Onion when his son died. The life of Jargenot was a horrible and terrifying life, and did not end very well. Shortly after his son died, he went on a rampage and started to kill everybody in sight, saving the blood of his victims in a huge clay pot. The way his son died was very tragic because he loved his son so much he would do anything for him. Even if that meant killing everybody in sight.

The way his son died was horrible. He was shot by Corin with his bow and arrow. Corin is the god of death and war. His most powerful weapon is his look, because when he looks at people, they die. (Except for the women, because they think he is so cute that his power weakens.)

After killing a lot of people, Jargenot started to make a huge pile of rocks and dirt and with the blood of all his victims. He poured their blood onto the pile of rocks and dirt. After Jargenot had poured the blood onto the pile of rocks and dirt, he then started to form the pile into a very big circle. Then Jargenot added to that pile the body parts of his victims. The events that happened next can be explained by his wife Loma. When she had heard what he had done to the village people, his wife had come running.

Just as she come around the corner, he had started to take his sword out of his scabbard. However, she was a little too late, because she did not have very good reflexes, and he killed himself by slicing his head right off of his shoulders. To this day that rock pile still sits there, and some say that right now this very moment as we speak Jargenot still watches over that rock and dirt pile. Even now, some people say that scientists believe that the Earth was formed though a process called accretion which is the first and most common is the growth of a massive object by gravitationally attracting more matter, typically gaseous matter in an accretion disc. Accretion discs are common around smaller stars or stellar remnants in a close binary, or black holes in the centers of spiral galaxies. Some dynamics in the disc are necessary to allow orbiting gas to lose angular momentum and fall onto the central massive object. Occasionally, this can result in stellar surface fusion. Shortly after the formation of the sun, orbiting rocky objects collided and compressed together forming planets. Shortly after the formation of the sun, orbiting rocky objects collided and compressed together forming other planets. Others such as the Greeks and the romans, believe that the earth was made by blood and rock with dirt mixed. Today that pile that was once made of rock, blood and chopped up body parts, is the pile we now walk on. That is how the earth came to be.


Many people believe the heavens were formed by god. However there is a story about the way Soleman created the heavens. It was very hard for Soleman to create the heavens. The reason why it was very hard for Soleman to create the heavens was because he had to choose somebody that would die happily. This also had to be somebody that would insist on being killed by the God named Soleman. Which soleman was jargenots’ cousin. When he was a very young, he learned that his father was some how related to Jargenot.

Some people say that Soleman was to scared to understand what had happened to his cousin Jargenot because of all of the violence that was going around. The person that volunterred to be killed was a townsperson named Fuffi. She was a kind and willing lady, but what nobody knew about her is that she was a widow. Her husband died less than 50 years ago. She looked wrinkled and old though. She had very gray hair and she had hairy moles everywhere on her body. She hadnt bathed for at least twenty-two months. Her clothes looked like very old snot rags. Her hair was gnarled ( twisted in to a knot like form). The reason reason why she had volunterred for dying is because of her husband’s death. So on the day of the month that her husband died she volunteered to die as well, because she wanted to be with her husband. She wanted to have a place for all of the good people that died. So when the day came for her to die she was ready, but she wanted her death excution style. So Soleman obeyed her order, because of course everybody should die the way they want to die. The reason why she wanted to die like this was explained in a letter that she wrote and was found later. The letter said “ THE REASON WHY I VOLUTEERED TO DIE WAS BECAUSE OF MY HUSBAND’S DEATH LESS THAN 50 YEARS AGO.” When she died, her wish came true for a place where all good people went when they died. In the end he had killed her, but she was happy because she was with husband again.


The creation of the seas was a very difficult process. The seas were created by Aquala. Aquala was the god of all waters. It was difficult to create the seas, because Aquala had to pick someone to hurt emotionally and physically. He had to choose someone (like a towns person), but he choose… his WIFE.

Why? Nobody knows. He hurt her through starvation. Allowing her no food, started to eat a huge feast. After he had finished eating the huge feast he then started to eat dessert, which was goat. This was very hard for his wife not to cry because she was starving and hundry. He also hurt her physically by cuting her arms.

Then he tried raping her in her sleep as she rested her hungry body. When she opened her eyes, he was on top of her, and when she tried screaming for help he covered her mouth and continued to rape her. Just as he was trying to kill her, a man came running. Because he had a very bad feeling because it was day time, and during the day Aquala and his wife never are quiet they are always outside walking. So he their neighbor came running to Aqualas’ house only to find Aquala’s wife lying on the floor died. So aqualas’ neighbor asked what had happened to her and he said “I just got home and the house was torn apart and she was on the ground”. “ You are lying to me arent you.” “No” said Aquala, “ I am not lying to you ok!” “I can tell your lying just by the way you look.”, said the village person. “ok I killed her!”, said Aquala. The next day there way trial for Aquala killing his wife. When the trial was over with the sentence of being hung. So when the day came for him to be hung the people that were hanging him took him to the stand where the rope was and he was in shackles and handcuffs. Before they hung Aquala they asked the towns people if they wanted to say any last words. One person found enough courage to say something. The person then walked up to the stand and said “this man is not responsible the reason how I know this is because I AM HIS… DAUGHTER”, “and my name is goetinalinn.” When Aquala heard this he started to tear. After goetinalinn was done saying that they asked if anybody else wanted to say anything and no wanted to so they hung him. It was died silence and you were able to hear his neck snap.


The blue color of the clear daytime sky results from the selective scattering of light rays by the minute particles of dust and vapor in the earth's atmosphere. The rays with longer wavelengths (the reds and yellows) pass through most readily, whereas the shorter rays (the blues) are scattered. An excess of dust, especially in large particles, causes scattering of many rays besides the blue, and the sky "fades" and becomes whitish or hazy. The sky thus is clearest in winter, in the morning, after a rain, over a mountain, or over the ocean. Leonardo Da Vinci experimented with light and attempted an explanation of the sky's blue color.

The work on light and its behavior by Sir Isaac Newton, Lord Rayleigh, and other physicists provided explanations of rainbows, sky color, mirages, and other atmospheric phenomena. But in fact the sky was created by Skylessious about 50 thousand years ago. Skylessious look old. He wears ripped shirts, and old pants with dirt all over them. The way the sky was created was by paint.

The way that was done was when it was night time and skylessious wanted it to be daytime. So when people were sleeping the rosters started to make noise. So when everybody woke up they said “ok why is it only 11 pm at night?” They said in a confused tone of voice. The reason why it was morning during the night time was because of what Skylessious has done do the night sky. But then when chaos came it turned to night.

So every twenty-four hours Skylessious has to do the same thing. The special power that Skylessious had was that he could change the night sky into the morning and the morning sky into the night sky. The person that he had a crush on was Athena. Her powers was that she could make it rain forever. So when skylessious and Athena fell in love they had 7 children.

Three girls and four boys. One boy was named gothia. A second named mistim. A third named slimic. And a fourth named Tracopelissous. All of them except gothia had the same power as their father. The power that gothia had was that he could turn whatever he looks at black. But what had happened when they had all grown up was that there father had beaten their mother and threatened them that he would kill them in their sleep. So a couple of weeks had past and their father had been traveling to where his sons lived. But when he got there they all jumped their father skylessious.



Mountains are a type of landform that is characterized by a higher elevation, in comparison to the surrounding areas. They are higher than 600 meters, and taller and steeper than the hills. The world's tallest mountains are located in Asia and the largest range of mountains is present in the Atlantic ocean. Some of the highest mountain peaks are located in the oceans.

Mountains represent varying climatic conditions based on their height (elevation). For example, in case of a tall mountain, the conditions at the base differ from the top of the mountain. In comparison to the mountain base, the top portion is colder (presence of snow cover) and there is less oxygen and less protection from the sun's rays. Accordingly, the flora and fauna inhabiting the different zones vary. Forests present on the sides of the mountains are called alpine forests.

It is estimated that half of the world population depends on mountains for water. In fact, the major rivers of the world are fed by mountains. Many mountains have glacial lakes that are formed due to melting of the glaciers. Let's take a look at the formation of mountains.

Mountains are made up of earth and rock materials. The outermost layer of the Earth or the Earth's crust is composed of six plates. When two plates move or collide each other, vast land areas are uplifted, resulting in the formation of mountains. Depending upon the geological process, as to how the mountains are formed and the mountain characteristics, there are five major types of mountains.

Fold Mountains: Fold mountains are the most common type of mountains. Examples of fold mountains are the Himalayas (Asia), the Alps (Europe). They are formed due to collision of two plates, causing folding of the Earth's crust. The fold that descends on both sides is called anticline; whereas, the fold that ascends from a common low point (on both sides) is called syncline.

Fault-Block Mountains: As the name suggests, fault mountains or fault-block mountains are formed when blocks of rock materials slide along faults in the Earth's crust. There are two types of block mountains, namely the lifted and tilted. In the former type, the mountain has two steep sides; whereas, the tilted type has one steep side and gentle sloping side. Example of fault-block mountain is the Sierra Nevada mountains (North America).

Volcanic Mountains: Volcanic mountains are formed due to volcanic eruptions, for e.g. Mount Fuji (Japan). They are formed when volcanic magma erupts and piles up on the surface of the Earth.

Dome Mountains: Dome mountains are formed when the hot magma rises from the mantle and uplifts the overlying sedimentary layer of the Earth's crust. In the process, the magma is not erupted, but it cools down and forms the core of the mountain. Example of dome mountain is the Navajo Mountain in Utah. They are called dome mountains due to their appearance that resembles dome shape.

Plateau Mountains: Plateau mountains are pseudo mountains that are formed because of erosion. An example of plateau mountain is the Catskill Mountains (New York). They usually occur near the fold mountain ranges.

There are also some mountains that are formed as a result of many forces of the Earth. Though the Rockies in North America are formed due to folding, there are mountains in the same range that are formed by faulting and doming. In nature, there is a continuous process of glaciations, soil erosion, and mechanical and chemical weathering, which altogether play a major role in altering the shape and characteristics of mountains.

The way mountains are actually formed was by an all powerful man named JADA. The way that he looked was very homeless. The reason why he looked like this was because he wore torn close. His sandals were torn and they looked like they could talk. He was very handsome. He had pimples everywhere on his face. The color of his hair is black. The color of hair is red. He has very long hair. He is fourteen feet tall. He is physically fit he was almost as strong as Hades and Zeus combined. Jades power is that he makes anything turn to huge mountains.

But the way that Jade had made the mountains was like almost impossible. The reason why it was like almost impossible was because when he tried to make the mountains was when he had fallen in love with Chloe. The name Chloe comes from the spaghetti origin. In spaghetti the name Chloe means blooming. Her best power is that she can make people grow trees grow from their eyeballs. So when the towns people from the city of meatballs which was Jade’s home town got mad they went to mount spaghetti where Jade and Chloe were. But when the towns’ people went to the mountain they looked directly in to Chloe’s eyes and they all turned in to a tree. Then when Jade touched all of the trees they formed a mountain. After the forming of mount. Spaghetti Jade and Chloe fell in love; but they did not know that they would fall in love with each other. But after everything was over with and all was calm jade asked Chloe to marry him and he looked her in the eyes. But the reason why he did not turn in to a tree and she did not turn into a mountain was because they both had powers of nature. Chloe said yes and they lived a happy after life.


What are creatures? I think I know. Creatures are the nasty and slimy things that hide under your bed. At night they come out and raid your room for anything to find. They even come out for your brain.

Not really that was just a lie! The truth is that creatures are very strong animals. Creatures were formed from a headless dog and a human form the middle ages. When an all powerful man was walking home from work a headless dog attacked him. The all powerful man’s name was Zabarsky. His best power is that if he kisses someone they die. But the dog that attacked him was a woman. The reason why she didn’t die was because she had the same power. Even though he made out with her he didn’t know that she was a dog because she also had another power. That power was that she was also able to change into a human lady. This was very horrible because he didn’t know this. The horrible part was that they made creature children. So when you go to sleep in your bed to night remember that there are creatures hiding under your bed and when you fall asleep they raid your room and come after you. So try and sleep with one eye open because you will die. And by the way BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

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it was a book project and i wanted to publish it

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