Animals Vs. Humans

June 8, 2010
By Anonymous

“Pow!” “Pow!”(Onomatopoeia) Gunshots everywhere! Civilians sprinting to shelter, so they don't get shot.(Action Verb) The scariest moment of my life, doing everything I can to survive. (Big Potato)

It was early June and I was at my messy, dirty house, with clothes thrown everywhere covering the carpet, (Environment) when I got a call from the government. They said that I needed to report to the downtown police department as soon as possible. As soon as I heard that I thought to myself, “What is this for? What will I have to do once again?(thoughts) I have already accomplished an entire life-and-death (hyphenated modifier) mission, and they want me to do it again?!”

As I went to the police station I was dressed in ripped jeans, and a long, dirty T-shirt with juice stains all over it. (appearance) Everyone was dressed in their uniforms with the badge on their chest. I could see that they all were shocked at my appearance.

Finally police officer, Steve said, “What are you wearing!?”(Words spoken by others/Other characters' responses) I had nothing to say to that sadly. After they got over how I looked, they said that I had to help them with all the big gorillas in the streets killing innocent people. Steve said that the gorillas wanted a very important rock that the government had hidden in New York City. I agreed to help them with this crisis, on one condition, I get paid 2 million dollars to get the rock back to them, so they knew it was safe. So that was it, the deal was final, and they threw me on a plane 10 minutes later.

They dropped Steve and me off in the city of New York. We had two guns each, four grenades, and a watch to tell the time. Steve and I decided to try to find all the gorillas really fast because they predicted that the gorillas were almost there to take the rock! We entered the main part of the city and saw four gorillas attacking the capital building. I threw two of my grenades at them and they all blew into pieces. It was a great throw. Steve went in first and grabbed a handle to the door signaling me to come in. Hands shaking, feet trembling, I started running towards the door as fast as I could. (Absolute) I rushed in, diving through the door. I made it, but I was hurt. The cut, open and gushing blood, was just killing me. (Appositive) Steve grabbed the medicine in his bag along with a bandage and tape, and fixed my arm. It felt better but was still throbbing in pain, but we had to keep moving. Steve was ahead watching for more gorillas and all of a sudden he saw the rock, right before the gorilla saw Steve leaning over the corner looking at the rock. It was like a mini war going on inside of the capital building of New York! Suddenly Steve went down. I had to make a move keeping the gorillas away from the rock. Running, jumping, and crawling, just inches from the rock, I fell short of it and decided to fall back. (Participle/Action) My plan didn't successfully work out. The strong gorillas, big and scary, were surrounding Steve and I. (Adjectives Shifted Out of Order) Steve was thinking of a plan, I could tell. So he reached over to me and told me what to do, so I did it. He knocked out the first gorilla he saw and I sprinted past. As stealthy as I could I snatched the rock and ran out of the room and out of the building as fast as I could. I had to leave Steve inside of the building, the rock was more important. Steve had to be dead; he hadn't come out of the building for thirty minutes. I didn't have enough time to wait any longer. I left the mission site, and retreated to the helicopter waiting for me. I was getting strapped in the helicopter when out of nowhere I saw Steve crawl out of the forest! I told the pilot to stop for five minutes so I could help my partner, and best friend into the helicopter. Steve looked at me and said, “You are one good soldier kid, you will always be remembered in my heart.” (Words Spoken By Others) And then w+e took off.

We arrived at the base with the rock in my hands very proud of me. The scariest moment of my life, doing everything I could to survive and I did, I did come back home, I did complete the mission, and I did get the rock. (Repetition for Effect)

The End

The author's comments:
i thouhgt this would be very fun and interesting to write, so i did

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