A Mongolian Trip Back in Time

June 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Once upon a time their lived a Mongol warrior called Kublacan. Kublacan was out walking around after he woke up one morning and suddenly a dimensional warp appeared right in front of him. These warps were very common at the time and legends say those who walk through them will be rewarded handsomely. So Kublacan walked through and found himself in a Cayuse village in 1710. However the strong and much respected Mongol warrior did not know where, or at what time he was in. Kublacan saddled up his best horse and began to take a look around. “What strange place is this” Kublacan said to himself. As he looked around he could not believe what his eyes were seeing. “Great Mongol” he said as he saw the native people dressed in clothing he had never seen before. They were performing some sort of ritual dance and singing the most peculiar songs Kublacan had ever heard. As soon as Kublacan saw that some were riding horses he appeared and challenged them to a horse riding competition. Kublacan possessed very good horseback riding skills and after he defeated his Cayuse opponent they welcomed him and asked him to teach them more about horseback riding. Even though Kublacan and the Cayuse could not speak to each other directly they learned a great deal from each other. Kublacan learned about their technological advancements and he taught them about old Mongol and Chinese techniques for many different things. Kublacan noticed that even though they lived so far apart and lived at much different times they were in fact still very similar. Kublacan decided he did not want to conquer these strange people but instead wanted to befriend them. After a few months of learning about each other’s ways and being amazed by each other on a daily basis Kublacan returned to his people and told and shared all he learned from his time at the Cayuse village in 1710.
The End

The author's comments:
In my class we were asked to write about what we think might happen if a mongolian warrior was sent back in time to a cayuse indian village in 1710.

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